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Effective SEO Copywriting is the Trick to More Reach on Google

SEO Copywriting

Effective SEO Copywriting on your website and blog should accomplish 3 things…

Good SEO Copywriting Gets Results!
  1. Get your website high enough on the Google search results page — above your competition.
  2. Entice the searcher — your potential customer — to click on the listing.
  3. Once they land on your website — you want to convert the visitor into a lead or a sale.

Bad or no SEO copywriting may result in…

  1. Low rankings on Google.
  2. Getting impressions on the search results page (SERP) but no clicks. (Low click-through rate.)
  3. People visiting your website and not doing anything — NOT converting into a lead or a sale.

SEO Copywriting Service!

The trick with SEO copywriting is to write for the human reader with the search engine in mind. Here’s what the service includes…

Step 1: SEO and Competitor Research – $150 (1-time fee)

Step 2: SEO Copywriting

You want to be found when someone is searching for what you have to offer!

Let’s start with a FREE 15-minute Consult!

In case you’re still not convinced about the need for effective SEO copywriting…

Unfortunately, over time, we became too technical in SEO and forgot that the content we produce is supposed to serve a purpose for humans.

Writing for humans means producing high-quality content. 

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