Should your Business be on Instagram? [Infographic]

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Instagram is different from the other social networks as it’s only mobile. It’s owned by Facebook and it also connects to Twitter (however, when shared on Twitter, you only see a link. The picture doesn’t render. You can share photos and videos taken with your SmartPhone. And, yes, you need a SmartPhone.

Should your business be on Instagram?

It depends. Instagram is excellent for exposure. That’s about it. Pinterest is more powerful as it takes the link (URL) from the originating website which helps with search engine optimization (SEO). You can’t do that with Instagram. You can only put your website address in your profile bio.

However, if you’re a local business, do events, have products, deal with entertainment, then yes, you should be on it.

Here are some tips to help you maximize your Instagram strategies and a cool infographic showing how some major brands use Instagram:

  1. Use your company name for recognition when setting up the account
  2. Add your URL in the bio
  3. Describe your business fully
  4. Use keywords in bio
  5. Take and edit photos using the app
  6. Create and use a brand #hashtag consistently (Related: What is a hashtag?)
  7. Tag/mention other users (@username)
  8. Hold a user generated contest with a #hashtag
  9. Create short (6 second) videos
  10. Be specific and relevant to your business, industry and field

Instragram’s reach and creative prowess deliver real-time results and valuable engagement insights. Kissmetrics

Click on the graphic to view an extra large version.

The Science of Brands on Instagram

How do you manage it all?

It starts with Defining Your Target Market. Click here for a free Workbook.

Then it takes a strategic plan to outline the strategies for reaching your goals. The tactical plan defines how you are going to implement the strategy. Then you need to check you analytics to see what’s been working and not working monthly and adjust and plan for the next month.

Sound’s daunting? It’s not with the proper guidance. We can show you how! Check out our classes in Phoenix!