Are Snapchat & Instagram Effective to Promote my Business?

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Just because a social media network is hot — like Snapchat & Instagram — doesn’t mean that you need to be marketing your business on it.

I had the honor of presenting at a large group of Realtors that focus on high-end, over $500,000 homes. I was asked this question, “We were told to start using Snapchat and Instagram Stories. What do you think?”

I responded with, “That’s not your target market.”

55% of users on Snapchat & Instagram users are under 25.

I don’t think that very many 18-25 year-olds can afford to buy million-dollar homes.Define your perfect target market - are they on Snapchat & Instagram?

Don’t listen to the hype!

Any social media marketing will not work unless you first and foremost clearly define your target market’s persona!

Then you need to do some research. The data is out there. You just have to find it. Do some research on the networks themselves. What are their demographics?

Here in my free Mini-Course I cover the major social media networks:

An effective social media marketer is an educated one.

Effective marketing is more than just posting on Facebook or tweeting out a “buy this, it’s great” post once a day.

No one is going to follow you if that’s all you post!

People go online for 3 basic reasons. To…

  1. Be informed. They want to know what’s happening in the world, with their family and friends, with their favorite celebrities, etc. Or they are searching for an answer to a problem, a product they want or need, etc.
  2. Be entertained. They’re bored. They need a break from their everyday lives.
  3. Connect with people — chatting, discussing, arguing, sharing, laughing…

Therefore, you need to step back and look at the bigger picture — they are all related to emotion.

If you really get to know your target market,
you’ll understand their EMOTIONS.

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