Social Media Implementation

Get more likes, shares, & comments on social mediaDon’t have the time or inclination to learn to do your own social media? We can do it for you!

Social Media Implementation Services: $1000/m 3-month contract

  • Evaluating current social media efforts and analytics at start of service
  • Adjusting the strategic and tactical plans to meet goals and objectives monthly as well as strategies for next month
  • up to 3 blog posts a week, written by the expert in the business and posted and shared by us. (no editing)
  • Daily posting on social media from trusted sources and uploading pictures
    •    15-20 posts and retweets on Twitter a day
    •    25-50 posts on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn a week
    •    10-15 pins & repins on Pinterest a day
  • Engaging (sharing, liking and commenting) with target market(s) and referral sources
  • Monitoring industry specific keywords in Twitter & Internet news, sharing posts of interest to the target market(s)
  • Once-a-month meetings (via Skype) to report and review metrics, analytics and insights and adjustments of the strategic and tactical plans
  • Planning for the next month based on seasons, holidays, special events, etc.
  • Sharing of YouTube videos uploaded, sharing of photographs (using DropBox)

Weekends: posts will be scheduled to go over the weekends with monitoring on Saturdays only. Any inquiries on Sundays will be addressed on Monday mornings if not monitored by the client. Any customer inquiries or questions will be sent as soon as possible to a designated contact person(s) and a response is expected within one (1) business day.

Not a writer? Blogging service is available! Our expert, award-winning writers will write the articles for you! Best practice is 3 blog posts a week – 2 written by us one submitted by the expert then edited and posted by us. $1000/m -retainer billed on the first of each month; 3 month contract minimum.

Contact us for more information and to schedule your free 30-minute phone consultation and analysis.