Social Media Jargon [Infographic]

Social media has its own language. If you haven’t grown up with a device in your hands, you are probably saying, “Speak English!” Just like if you visit a foreign country, you need to learn the lingo. Below is a cool infographic with some of the social media jargon, but it’s missing a few:

In Pinterest:

Pin – (verb) – adding a picture or video to a board – like a post. You can add a description and it takes the URL (web address) with it so when you click on it, you go to the originating website. Noun: the actual picture or video on the board.

Pinning – the act of adding a pin

Board – the categories for pins, like the bulletin board on your wall, but with unlimited space.

Pinner – one who pins that has an account on Pinterest

In Twitter:

Tweet – (noun) – a post on Twitter, 140 characters, can be text, a link, hashtag (see infographic), short video, or picture. Verb – to tweet – posting on Twitter.

Tweeting – the act of posting a tweet

Retweet – sharing someone else’s tweet with your followers

Reply – writing to the person who posted a tweet

TY – Thank you (saves characters)

Social Media Jargon Infographic by TopDog Social Media

social media jargon infographic

This is just a tidbit of all the social media and online jargon!

You need the Social Savvy Marketer’s Guide to Online Jargon – the complete glossary of online lingo.




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