The 9 Ps of Social Media Marketing for Business Success

The 9 Ps of social media marketing for marketng success.

You’ve probably heard me mention or write about the 7 Ps of social media marketing. Well, last Sunday in church, I heard 2 more to add to the list! Don’t worry, this isn’t that type of sermon!

The first two “Ps” are the new ones. But I have to tell you, with all the mistakes I see small businesses making out there. You need to understand how all 9 of them work together.

In this week’s Wednesdays with the Wiz Facebook Live Video, I explain how the 9 Ps of Social Media marketing work…

  1. Perspective – Look at everything through your target market’s eyes – which means that you really need to get to know your customers.
  2. Purpose – What’s your business’s purpose? To sell? NO! To help the customer, solve their problems, alleviate their pain points.
  3. Planning – Identifying your purpose will help you set goals. Once you’ve goals set, you put your strategic and tactical plans together. I can help you with my planning services.
  4. Preparation – Make sure you’ve got quality graphics everywhere. Put together an editorial calendar.
  5. Participation – You can automate a lot of the content, but you still have to be social!
  6. Posting – People are not going to follow you if you’re not posting content!
  7. Persistence – It’s a marathon, not a sprint.
  8. Perseverance – Keep at it. You might not see results right away, but your analytics will tell you what’s working and not working. Check them monthly.
  9. Patience – There is a common misconception that if you post something on social media, it will automatically go viral. NOT! It may take 3-6 months before you start seeing results depending on your business, industry, competition, the economy, seasons, world news, even the weather.

Where do you start?

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