The 9 Ps of Social Media Marketing for Business Success

Reading Time: 2 minutes

You’ve probably heard me mention or write about the 7 Ps of social media marketing. Well, last Sunday in church, I heard 2 more to add to the list! Don’t worry, this isn’t that type of sermon!

The first two “Ps” are the new ones. But I have to tell you, with all the mistakes I see small businesses making out there. You need to understand how all 9 of them work together.

In this week’s Wednesdays with the Wiz Facebook Live Video, I explain how the 9 Ps of Social Media marketing work…

  1. Perspective – Look at everything through your target market’s eyes – which means that you really need to get to know your customers.
  2. Purpose – What’s your business’s purpose? To sell? NO! To help the customer, solve their problems, alleviate their pain points.
  3. Planning – Identifying your purpose will help you set goals. Once you’ve goals set, you put your strategic and tactical plans together. (Get templates for these plans in the Success Startup Pack)
  4. Preparation – Make sure you’ve got quality graphics everywhere. Put together an editorial calendar.
  5. Participation – You can automate a lot of the content, but you still have to be social!
  6. Posting – People are not going to follow you if you’re not posting content!
  7. Persistence – It’s a marathon, not a sprint.
  8. Perseverance – Keep at it. You might not see results right away, but your analytics will tell you what’s working and not working. Check them monthly.
  9. Patience – There is a common misconception that if you post something on social media, it will automatically go viral. NOT! It may take 3-6 months before you start seeing results depending on your business, industry, competition, the economy, seasons, world news, even the weather.

Where do you start?Social Media Marketing Start-up Package

Start here with our Social Media Success Startup Pack. It’ll get you going on the right foot. Even if you’ve been trying it for a while and are frustrated, this will help you get a fresh start.