The Best Social Media Marketing News You Can Use: 4.12.19

Social Media News You can Use!

One of the benefits of good, properly-planned-out social media media marketing is what’s called “social proof”. It’s basically word-of-mouth on steroids. It’s the trust and credibility that’s built when you provide good products or services and your customers appreciate it so much that they tell their friends using social media. It could be in the form of a review or recommendation, taking a picture with your product (User-Generated-Content or UCG), a testimonial, a shout-out, mention or tagging on the social networks, etc.

“The term social proof was coined by prominent psychologist and author Robert Cialdini. He described it as a psychological and social phenomenon that leads people (read: customers) to mimic the actions of others in a given situation because of an inherent need to conform.” ~Social Media Examiner, “How to Use Social Proof in Your Marketing”

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Here is this week’s Social Media Marketing News:

Before I get into this weeks news, let me refresh you on a frequently used term: “rolling out”. This means that a social network is phasing-in a new feature. Not everyone will see it at the same time. It’s frustrating for me, because sometimes my clients get it and I don’t have it yet. That happened to me when LinkedIn rolled out the new layout a couple of years ago.

What’s New in Social Media Marketing: