Social Media News You Can Use for June 22, 2018

Social Media News You can Use!

It’s June. Half a year is gone. My birthday is in June and I always think of half a year left till Christmas. Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas holiday planning? When it comes to marketing and getting ahead of the competition, no. You absolutely do not want to leave it for September or later. Here are some tips and the latest social media and digital marketing news for this week that you need to know.

It's never too early to plan your holiday promotion strategy.Facebook released holiday shopping report. Now’s the time to start doing your research to plan for holiday sales success. Who are you trying to reach? You need to think it’s not your usual target market, but the gift-giver to that target. Besides Facebook and Instagram, think Pinterest! Pinterest users will start pinning gift ideas early.

Where are teens hanging out online? Facebook? Not exactly. A new report shows that Instagram and Snapchat are favored by Gen Z.

Step aside, YouTube, Instagram launches IGTV! It’s a separate app where you can have channels.

As soon as you open the IGTV app, a video will start playing — much like when you first turn on a TV. This means you don’t have to search to start watching content from people you already follow on Instagram. ~Buffer

I tell you, video is taking over social media!

Content is King!If you’ve attended any of my classes at SCORE, you know that I teach that content is central to SEO, exposure and attracting your target market to your website. It can, however, be a daunting task to think of, plan and create effective content that’s going to entice your target to click on it. Here, Small Business Trends provides a list of several content marketing tools that will help you save time and generate good, quality content.

Call it UX (User Experience) or UI (User Interface), your website needs to be user friendly or it won’t be useful at all. The prettiest website is worthless unless it helps sell your business 24/7 — converting visitors into leads. Here are 10 Critical Factors from Search Engine Journal for you to consider when it comes to your website.

Yet another one of my mantras is don’t jump into social media marketing without a plan! Here are 7 Advantages of Having a Social Media Strategy.

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