Social Media News You Can Use for Sept. 14, 2018

Social Media News You can Use!

It’s constantly changing — social media marketing and SEO. The social networks add and test new features, Google tweaks their algorithm and people come up with new strategies to best use the networks to sell products and services. That’s what I try to bring in these semi-weekly articles — Social Media News (and tips) you can use!

What’s hot this week in social media news?

Pew Research finds that usage has decreased on Facebook since March. Somehow that doesn’t surprise me. Actions have consequences. And Facebook’s changes to their algorithm has cost them users. I know I spend less time on Facebook and more time on Twitter.

And a new report shows that people still go to social media for news. I know I can’t start my day without checking to see what’s trending on Twitter.

Twitter has a powerful internal search engine as do all the social media networks.Twitter, trying to compete with Facebook Live Video, is now highlighting live streaming videos to your followers. So don’t forget Twitter. Doing live video on both simultaneously is as easy as setting up 2 devices at the same time. You need good Internet and charged batteries. Live stream from a laptop with a webcam, a tablet and a smart phone.

And Twitter just rolled their own type of podcasting – live audio!

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