Social Media Stats to Help You Choose the Best Network for Your Biz

Which social media network should you use?

I usually try to avoid posting social media stats as they change so frequently, but I couldn’t resist this concise infographic from Angie Gensler is very well done. It clearly showcases the major social media networks, with good data, to help you decide which one(s) to focus on for your business. Remember, you don’t have to be on ALL of them. First, you need to define your target market and do some research to determine which networks they frequent the most and what is the best marketing message to attract their attention. Also set goals.

Social Media Marketing Stats

What I don’t agree with in these social media stats:

  • The frequency of posting on some of them. Pinterest — 30 pins a day is a little too much. 3-5 should be OK. Definitely pin any new videos or graphics from your website as soon as they are published. Instagram — not often enough — 3-5 a day. Especially if you’re an ecommerce or brick-and-mortar.
  • LinkedIn activity has increased in the last year.
  • Twitter is not only just text! Absolutely post short videos and graphics to make your posts eye-catching. Don’t auto-share from Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram! All that will show on Twitter is a link — boring

Moreover, these all work with a newsfeed — a never-ending news ticker. If you post something at 8 am and your audience frequents a given network in the evenings, more than likely they won’t see the post unless they specifically seek out your content. That’s why using scheduling tools like Buffer is wise. Your analytics will tell you which time is the best time to post. You can set the schedule in Buffer to have the post go out at the most optimum time. Buffer will also make it easy to post to Twitter. An alternative for Twitter scheduling is TweetDeck.

Furthermore, you also want to take into consideration the age of your target market. Different generations use social media differently!

Overwhelmed? Do you need help choosing which network to use? That’s where I come in. I can show you in simple 1:1 coaching sessions, via Skype, how to set everything up and optimize your social networks for maximum results.

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