Social Media: Tools for Entrepreneurial Baby Boomers

entrepreneurial baby boomers need to embrace the

By Barbara Penn-Atkins, The Penna Group, Guest Blogger

Are you in the New Age, Mature Generation (Mat-Gen’s), Gen-X, Millennium’s Baby Boomer demographics who refuse to be defined by age, aging or retirement?

Whether you are pre-retired or already retired and opting to be under new management for the rest of your life, think about becoming part of the quick-growing group of Entrepreneurial Baby Boomers. Starting an Encore Career you’ll be joining the ranks of other small businesses using Internet technology and Social Media.

Owning a business will add a new dimension of life transformation–one that will afford you the opportunity to be under new management where you are in control of your destiny to experience a new freedom to manage your personal and business time effectively and efficiently. Use technology as your vehicle to drive increased productivity to help take your business from startup to the next level.

Entrepreneurial baby boomers need to embrace social mediaThe advent of social media has created a world of possibilities for the new-age, mature generation to re-purpose their knowledge, skills and experience, become business owners and enjoy an Encore career as entrepreneur in retirement years. The most powerful tool in this digital age is the use of social media platforms. Worldwide there are over 25-billion users of the internet and Boomers are connecting on sites nearly 25 times faster than the younger generation. Social media is an ideal environment to get to know your customer, communicate, build relationships and be where your customers are and, harness the power of your market niche locally, nationally or globally to grow an enterprise exponentially–all from your computer, iPad or iPhone.

Social media is a valuable tool for increasing awareness and can be a powerful strategy for growing a business. Yet, it’s often underutilized primarily because individuals don’t realize the benefits and options it offers. As you plan your strategy for Social Media, consider these four initial tips: 

  1. Define your target audience.
  2. Identify two or three Social Media platforms.
  3. Engage and connect with customers – find out what they want.
  4. Provide a seamless-circle of service delivery (add value).

About the Author:

Barbara Penn Atkins, Certified Retirement CoachBarbara Penn-Atkins is a Certified Retirement Transition Life and ReCareer Coach and author of  ’70 is the New 40 – Bonus Years Here We Come’. Barbara (known as the Transition Lady), recognizes the importance to develop a holistic plan (inclusive of financial and personal) for living life livelier in a style that is rewarding, fulfilling, meaningful and with purpose. 

Her career includes over 30 years’ experience in leadership, management and as a business owner of a multi-million-dollar data processing and executive search firm. In addition, she has over fifteen years coaching college graduates in career planning. Now retired and in her encore career, she is a speaker, workshop facilitator and coach midlife individuals as they transition from success to significance. Her retirement readiness, life options’ and re-career programs offers guidance to ‘What’s next’ before and after retirement.

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