Social Media Usage: Men v. Women [infographic]

Men v. Women online ad response

Take note on the types of ads that resonate with both men and women – they are way different! Graphic courtesy of

Before you even attempt to dive into social media marketing, you MUST define your target market. Once you have your target defined, you need to do a bit of research and determine their social media usage.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Which social networks do they frequent?
  • How much time to they spend on them?
  • What do they look for?
  • What devices do they use to access them?
  • Why are they on?
  • How they interact with brands?

The infographic below has some interesting data on how men and women use social media differently.

Here are some of the social media insights that stand out:

  • Men prefer quick access to deals or information
  • Women are more likely to follow a brand for deals
  • Women are less likely to take action on a paid digital ad – whether on social media or mobile apps
  • Men outnumber women on social media in general! (Interesting – back in 1995, I started and ran an online Christian dating service and back then, there were more men than women online. Ladies, why is that? Please comment below…)
  • Men are more likely to use social media for business and dating
  • Women are more likely to use social media for family & friends, sharing, entertainment and self-help

How men and women use their smartphones differ also:

  • Women go for sharing, photos, games & messaging
  • Men prefer video, news, & GPS
  • Equal use of phones for reading email
  • Just about even for downloading apps

Social Media Usage: Men v. Women

Men and women use social media differently!

So, who are you trying to reach? This helps you understand WHY you need to clearly define your target market NICHE and get to know them so you’ll be able to post social media content that they will respond to. Otherwise, your social media efforts are a waste of time and money.

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