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Video: An Overview of WordPress

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Build your own WordPress siteWordPress is a content management program for websites, blogging & creating great content to help you promote your business and get you on the first page of Google search.

In this overview video, I explain the importance of content marketing and how to use WordPress to make blogging easier.

Google still is number 1 when it comes to search. Bing & Yahoo will never catch up! Google’s algorithm updates changed the way search engine optimization is done. You have to follow Google’s rules. Google’s goal is to give the searcher exactly what they’re searching for. Google wants fresh, relevant content written for the human reader in natural language = SEO. The consumer is in control. You have to think like the searcher – put yourself in their shoes. What are they going to enter into the search box to find you?  You must have a website that’s set up to capture leads,  a blog or videos with the fresh content that Google is looking for and you need to promote that content and engage with your potential customers on social media.

SEO Content Marketing & Social Media work together to help you get found online.It’s called Inbound Marketing; it’s like a 3-legged stool. SEO – search engine optimization works along with content marketing and social media. Doing 1 or 2 and not all 3 just doesn’t work.

Here’s how it all works together:

Blogging is at the center of the marketing wheel. The “W” is WordPress and the yellow button is the RSS feed – Really Simple Syndication – it’s how people subscribe to your blog. So, you write a blog post, share it on social media, encourage commenting, put excerpts in your e-newsletter with the call-to-action: “click here to read more”, which takes people back to your site. You can speak directly to your target and reach them in the groups on LinkedIn and communities on Google+, all while feeding the Google search engine what it wants.

Should you use the free WordPress or the Hosted one? If you’re just starting out, don’t yet have a commercial website and you just want to get known by blogging, the free version can’t be beat for the price. But, if you want to brand it or customize it, they start charging and at that point it’s best to just get a domain name and a hosted WordPress website.  WordPress can serve as your website as well as your blog. If you have a non-WP site, you can add a WordPress blog in a subdirectory. Installation is usually free with your hosting package. With the hosted version, you can install cool, free plug-ins and widgets to make a Call-to-action for capturing the leads that your content & social media generate.

With the hosted WordPress, there are thousands of free themes or templates to choose from, you can purchase one or you can have one created for you – depending on your budget. It’s part of the branding. Widgets are the features, links & buttons you see in the side columns of a blog. You must have some sort of call-to-action to capture leads into an email list. You need both social media share and follow buttons on your site. You have to make it easy for people to follow you and make it easy for them to share your content with their friends. If you don’t make it easy for people to do what you want them to do, they’re not going to do it.

There are many free website options out there, but remember, free sites are free to a point. As soon as you want to get fancy or add extra pages, they start charging. Don’t use a website builder! It may seem an easy choice, but those sites have a bunch of hidden code that blocks the search engines – and that’s the last thing you want to do!  Keep navigation, social media follow buttons and calls-to-action near the top of the page. Blog! The more often you blog, the more traffic you’ll drive to your site. 3x a week is the charm!

Free Download: Define Your Target Market WorkbookBefore you can effectively promote your business online, you must clearly define your target market. Download the free Define Your Target Market workbook to help you find you niche! While you’re there, you can check out all our upcoming social media, video and other marketing classes that we have at the AZ Social Media Training Center in Phoenix!


What’s Your Story? Blogging for Business

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everyone.has.a.story.manEveryone–and every business–has a story to tell. Our personal stories help us reflect and understand our lives; our company story can do the same for our business. Starting a blog that shares our company story means a willingness to overcome the hurdles in our way: time, learning curve, fear of failure. We’ve all started something and then had to step away before it was finished. But what if your business blog was not a chore, but an asset? 

As Mikal E. Belicove points out in the video below, the benefits of business blogging far outweigh the hurdles. When you blog, you control the message about your business that your clients see. You share your news at your own pace, you shape content to fit what your clients need to know, and you add personality that distinguishes you from your competitors. And it’s pretty much free.

So what’s holding you back? Sign up now for the upcoming two-part class, Blogging for Business, and start moving forward today. Your story is waiting.


Blogging 3x a week increases website traffic – here’s proof

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Blogging only once a week is not enough!

Here’s proof.

Blogging = Street CredAt the beginning of June 2013, I decided to try a different strategy for one of my clients. It was taking me hours to research articles then compose a decent thought-provoking blog post. Way too long.

I then went the video route and started finding newsworthy videos on YouTube, embedding them into a post, then writing a short summary of the video’s content including keywords. Wow. It now took me 20 minutes to do what used to take me 2 hours!

So we started posting these videos 3 times a week. At the end of June when I reviewed the monthly stats to present to the client, I was surprised at the results:

Blogging 3x a week is crucial.

Page views went from about 450 in May to over 1000 in June! Proof that blogging 3x a week is crucial.

Amazing results!

Then it built momentum! We managed to stay at around 1500 site visits a month!

These stats from Hubspot should also help to convince you.

Blog post frequency vs customer acquisition. Source: Hubspot

The more often you blog, the greater the customer acquisition! Source: Hubspot

Do you need help blogging? We can show you how in the Social Savvy Solution Online Training Center! Learn at your own speed in your own time.



The Blueprint for the Perfect Blog Post [Infographic]

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I’ve said it before.

Blogging is one of the greatest social marketing tools and it’s free!

The Benefits of Blogging:

Besides being free, blogs get picked up quickly by the Google search engine. So it helps drive traffic to your company’s website.

Blogging = Street CredBlogs also show off your expertise. Something as easy as a “tip of the week” will give potential customers a free tip and you’ll look good for the free advice.

If you think you can’t write, then hire someone to write it for you. Ideally, it should be someone who knows your industry. If such a person doesn’t exist, hire an editor. You write the articles and let the editor proof read and rewrite as needed.

Blog posts don’t need to be long. In fact, short and sweet is best. If you must write a long article, break it up in to 2 or 3 blog posts, like a series. That will keep readers coming back for more.

Set up an RSS feed with a site like Google’s Feedburner so people can easily subscribe to your blog. Add a Share button from so readers can share your blog with their social networks. Promote your blog post on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. (Hint: connect your Twitter account with LinkedIn to save time. But keep your posts professional! Your professional network doesn’t need to know how much time you spent on the treadmill!)

This infographic shows the blueprint for the perfect blog post.

Blueprint for the perfect blog post

Need help getting your strategy together? Contact us!

Have fun and happy blogging!
Giselle Aguiar
AZ Social Media Wiz


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What is Content Marketing?

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What is Content Marketing?You maybe asking yourself, “What is Content Marketing?”  The short answer is blogging. Yes, blogging is the basis for in-bound marketing and it is how you build your following on the social media networks. Blogging connects you to your target audience and positions you as an expert in your field – a trusted source of information. The trick is to blog about what you know – which is your business (service or products).

The keys to success for your blog are:

  • Keep it Short and Simple (KISS) This means approx. 300-500 words, using simple language, and not industry jargon
  • Always use a graphic or video
  • Use an editorial calendar
  • Write for your target audience – what will solve their problems or make their lives better.
  • Write in natural language but with the search engine in mind.
  • Blog at least once a week, 2/3 times a week is optimal!

What are other types of Content Marketing?

Blogging isn’t the only form of content marketing

  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics
  • Pictures
  • Shared content from trusted sources that is relevant or related to your business.

The ultimate goal of content is to offer your target market the information they are seeking while getting exposure, establishing credibility and building trust.

People buy from whom they know and trust!

Learn how to do it yourself or we can do it for you! We also offer a hybrid option of doing the research, plan developing, setups and following building (all the time-consuming upfront work) while you learn how to do it yourself. Then you hand over the reigns to you and we can do a coaching call once a month.

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What is a Blog?

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A WordPress weblog with the TwentyTen theme, a...

A WordPress weblog with the TwentyTen theme. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is a Blog?

Blog is short for “web log”. Many people have them. They can be personal, casual blogs and then there are are business blogs.

A personal blog can be by anyone writing about what interests them – food, hobbies, politics, travel, religion, pets, etc. It’s a way to get your “voice” heard.

A business blog, however, is a “collection of articles that provide helpful, valuable, educational, and remarkable content to your target audience. By providing value, blogs can easily and effectively draw prospects to your website.” ~ Hubspot

If you want more traffic, leads and customers, you need to blog.

Companies that blog get 25% more website traffic than those that don’t blog. (Hubspot)

Companies that blog get 70% more LEADS than those that don’t blog. (Hubspot)

57% of companies have acquired a customer through their blog.

It impacts SEO – gives Google the fresh, relevant content it’s looking for, hence you get found when people search for what you have to offer. Optimize content around keywords with the keyword research tool. As you blog, you build a “keyword footprint”. You’ll rank.

Engage with potential customers.

Blogs convert visitors into leads with conversion opportunities – calls-to-action (CTAs)

Establishes your “thought leadership” – establishes you as a trusted source, an expert in your field.

Blogging is a crucial part of inbound marketing success. – If you build it, they will come! But the content needs to great. If you provide great content, you’ll get:

  • More social shares
  • More social followers
  • Inbound links

Write for your target audience. Know your audience and use language that they understand. Avoid using jargon and sounding too techie. Provide practical solutions. Not product-centric solutions. No hard selling!

Blogging success takes time – it’s not overnight, so don’t expect it to be! If you follow the advice in the above link, you will see an increase in everything.

If you need a WordPress blog or site setup, contact me. I can also help show you how easy it is to create a free blog on or The free sites are limited to what you can do how you can customizing it, but they can serve as a free website if you’re just starting out. (Can’t beat free!)

One last thing to remember, don’t over think it. Have fun and write about what you know, love and are passionate about!