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Taking Shortcuts in Social Media will Hurt in the Long-run

Social Media followers

The social media offers are so tempting! Offers like “I will promote Your Website, Blog Or Anything 20,000,000 Members On Facebook Twitter for $5″ or ” I will add 32000 Twitter followers or 6000 Facebook likes for $5″ — seem

How to do You Measure Your Social Media Marketing Success ROI or KPI?

How to Measure Your Marketing Success in 2019

How do you measure your marketing success (or failures)? How do you know if your marketing efforts worked?  What’s nice about today’s digital marketing is we have access to a lot of data – free. It’s imperative that you track your marketing

Have you Saturated Your Market? How to Expand Your Reach

Have you Saturated Your Market? How to Expand Your Reach

It happens. Sales go stagnant… not growing. You’re doing everything right… blogging… posting to social media… videos… monthly newsletters… basically everything you can do without spending extra cash… just sweat equity. You have no reach. However, traffic to your site

That was then, this is now: The New Rules of Effective Marketing

Today's marketing is way different!

Effective Marketing today isn’t like it used to be. People don’t want to be interrupted by ads or commercials. They’ll search for what they want when they want it. That being said, you need to be found when a potential customer is looking for what you have to offer.

How to get Visual to Boost Your Brand and Sales

visual video marketing on mobile devices

Everywhere you look you see visual marketing — pictures, photos, graphics and/or videos. What are today’s visual marketing trends, platforms and tools? First, this infographic should convince you that you need to include visuals in your marketing strategy. Below the

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