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A Free Boost for Locals with Google My Business

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In a recent post, I told you about the change in Google My Business (GMB) – it’s just for local brick-and-mortar businesses. (E-commerce and home-based businesses click here.)

Once you have your GMB account set-up and the verification postcard is on it’s way, or if you’re already verified (You’ll see the blue check mark), you can post pictures, links to videos, promotions, blog posts, you name it!

Google My Business Dashboard

Google My Business Dashboard

Click on Posts on the left menu.

Google My Business post

Upload a picture with a promotion.

What’s really cool is you can add a Call-to-Action (CTA) button.

Here’s what the Google My Business Posts look like:

Google My Business Posts

Just like Google+, it’s connected to the Google search engine. Everything posted gets indexed in the search engine!

It’s new and it doesn’t connect to YouTube. (YouTube still has to connect to a Google+ page.)

A home-based or e-commerce business cannot be “verified” — that’s only for businesses with locations on Google Maps. You need to use Google+ and use it to get Google to notice you with blogging.

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Important Google My Business Changes You Need to Know

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If you’ve tried to setup a home-based or e-commerce business using Google My Business lately, you probably ran into a roadblock.

Google has made Google My Business for local, brick-and-mortar businesses only! With the trend to mobile search, having your local business come up in Google Maps is critical for your business to succeed.

But what if you are a home-based or e-commerce business?

This video will explain what you need to do to get Google to notice you.

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Happy 6th Birthday, Google Plus! And They Said It Wouldn’t Last [Infographic]

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When Google Plus (G+) first came out, many people thought that it was just another Facebook. Many people said that it wouldn’t last. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen articles saying, “Google Plus is dead.” And here we are celebrating Google Plus’ sixth birthday. Amazing.

This infographic, from FulleStop, highlights Google Plus’ milestones along with some current stats and important characteristics:

    • 440 million active monthly users (not too shabby!)
    • Over 2 billion profiles (imagine if all of these were active)
    • 8 new users join every second (constantly growing)
    • The average user spends 12 minutes a day on it (this is surprising)
    • 70 out of the top 100 brands are on it and they have more followers on G+ than on YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest combined! (even more surprising!)
    • It connects to YouTube. Setup your G+ page first then setup your YouTube Channel. (This is part of your online branding. Get it right.)
    • Everything posted public on G+ gets indexed in the search engine!

That last point is reason enough to be posting regularly on G+ — just for the SEO value alone.

Happy 6th Birthday, Google Plus InfographicSo are you convinced that you need to be on G+? Click here to watch my Google+ video class on YouTube. It’s free!

Video: How to Use Google Plus for SEO to get Found

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Google Plus is still alive and kicking! It’s Google being social. Anything posted public on Google+ gets indexed in the search engine, thus helping with SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) Ignore at the peril of not getting found!

Class Notes:


Breaking News! Google Plus Events are Back!

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Google Plus Events are back! As of January 24, 2017, Google+ is reinstating their events feature. Yay! When G+ rolled out their new look, events went away. Facebook was the only social media network who kept their event promotion feature. They figured they could get companies to pay to boost their events and it worked. LinkedIn, once upon a time, also had events and they went away also. You’d think that a professional networking platform like LinkedIn would give users opportunities to promote their events. Hopefully, with the new changes LinkedIn is making, they’ll bring events back also.

G+’s timing couldn’t be better because we’re starting to plan Greater Phoenix SCORE’s 2017 Symposium in April (more on that later!)

Along with events, Google+ is making some more changes. Apparently a lot of people are participating in Google+ communities. Similar to LinkedIn Groups, there’s a community for just about every industry and interest out there. What’s important is to find an active group where you can mingle with your potential target market and/or potential referral sources and influencers.

As noted in Social Media Today…

“Yes, Google+ still exists, and while it’s hard to know, for sure, how many people actually use it, as of the platform’s latest update last August, Google noted that more than 1.6 million people were still signing up to Google+ communities every day. That seems like a lot, but through the various audience breakdowns and analysis points, all the figures indicate that millions of people are still active on the platform. And Google likely wouldn’t support the product at all if usage rates were too low.”

The key is to find the active people who would be interested in your product or service.

Here’s what else is new on Google+: The old, classic Google Plus is going away.

  • Hiding nasty comments – they call them “low-quality” comments. I call them nasty trolls. Facebook has had this feature for some time. If you do want to see all the comments, you can.
  • Image Zoom – this is a nice feature especially for people promoting locations, photographers, and anyone who uses visuals. Google+ has always been a favorite place for photographers to showcase their work. Even amateurs.
  • Bye, bye older version – You have to get used the new version. In my opinion, they made accomplishing things harder. Actions that used to take one click to do, now take 2 or 3. Nevertheless, I’ve warned the folks who have taken my classes to learn how to get around the new version because the old one will, at one point, go away. And that will be January 24, 2017.

Like it or not, G+ is here to stay. Still, it’s power is in its connection to the Google search engine and SEO. However, if you can reach those millions of people who are on it with your quality marketing message, it’s going to help drive traffic to your site and get you on that invaluable first page of Google search.

The new Google+ is featured in our Social Media Marketing Master Class. These classes will be separated soon so, if you wanted to take one network at a time, you can. Watch your emails for the announcement.


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Change is tough, get over it!


Q&A Video: What’s the Secret to Great SEO?

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Everyone wants to know what the secret is to great SEO – search engine optimization — and coming up on the first page of Google search.

There are 3 simple steps to great SEO which I explain in this video:

Here’s the complete transcript of the video “What’s the Secret to Great SEO?”:

What's the secret is to great SEOStep 1 is to make sure your website is setup properly — optimized with effective title and meta tags. It should load quickly and have relevant external links. Optimize your site with relevant keywords.

Put yourself in your target market’s shoes. What are they going to enter into the search engine to find what you have to offer? Do keyword and target market research. I’ve got some resources available on my website to guide you through this process.

Step 2 is to become a content magnet by providing Google with fresh content at least weekly. Google is looking for fresh, relevant content written for the human reader. Write your blog posts for your target audience with the search engine in mind. Videos, podcasts and graphics also count as content. Make sure when you embed content on your blog that you summarize. The search engine only sees text and links.

Step 3 is to share the link to your content on social media – especially posting it “public” on Google+, so Google will index it in the search engine. Pin it on Pinterest – it takes the link with it. Share it on bookmarking sites like Digg & StumbledUpon. Those create legitimate backlinks to your site. Oh, and make sure you have share and follow buttons. The follow buttons are perfect external links that make it easy for people to follow you and the share buttons make it easy for visitors to share your content with their friends.

Hey, and if you have a burning social media, SEO or content marketing question, please either comment below or shoot me an email! Thanks for watching & my goal is to help you get social savvy!

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You Need to Know How to Establish Your Brand in Social Media

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You are Your Brand!

You Need to Know How to Establish Your Brand in Social MediaWhether you like it or not, you are part of your brand. Especially if you’re a consultant, service provider, designer or professional anything.

You join a group like the chamber of commerce or an association as your business to promote your business. However, you attend networking lunches and other events as yourself. At that point, you are your brand!

So, your personal profiles in the social networks play an important part.

I know some of you want to stay as incognito as possible – get over it.

Like joining a networking organization, you get out of it what you put into it. That’s how today’s marketing works.

You can automate a lot of the media, but you still have to be social!

Is your LinkedIn profile 100% complete? Are you an “All-Star” or at least an “Expert”? If someone Googles your name, your LinkedIn profile usually comes up in the top 3 search results. And remember, you only have one chance to make a good first impression!

You Need to Know How to Establish Your Brand in Social Media

Having a LinkedIn profile without your picture is like going to a networking event with a paper bag over your head.

Just like you wouldn’t go to a networking event with a paper bag over your head – your online image is just as important. You don’t want fuzzy graphics or logos that are cut-off.

An incomplete social media profile is like having a sloppy lobby!

Branding should be consistent on all the social networks. They are like extensions of your website. People should know in seconds what you do and what you have to offer.

The average person has an attention span of 7 seconds.

Google indexes all the social media profiles – both personal and business.

Social Media is Here to Stay

It’s no joke. Yes, it could be fun and entertaining and annoying at times, but if you know how to work it properly, it can be a very effective marketing tool.

The key is to clearly identify your target market(s) and figure out which networks they use the most.

Though you should have a presence in the major ones: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn, not everyone has to be on Pinterest, Snapchat or Instagram. It all depends on who you want to reach.

If you’re more B2C (Business to Consumer), you should be mastering Facebook, Pinterest and maybe Instagram. If you’re trying to reach the younger generation (12-24), you should check out Snapchat. B2B (Business to Business) – focus on LinkedIn and Facebook. If you want to drive traffic to your website (and who doesn’t), then you can automate content to Twitter and Google+.

You have a choice to make. Either hire someone who knows what they’re doing to do it for you or learn how to do it yourself.

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Why you need to use Google+ to help with SEO

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Why you need to use Google+ to help with SEOI recently read a blog post by a supposed social media expert that stated that Google+ does not help with SEO and to not bother with it. I discovered that this is wrong.

Anything posted public in Google+ gets indexed in the Google search engine and that absolutely helps with SEO!

I was doing research for a client on the economic overview of leisure travel and I click on a search result on the first page and it took me to a Google+ post. Later, when I mentioned this in one of my boot camp classes, a student says, “I don’t see any posts coming up.” I thought that odd and continued with the class. I found out why.

On my office computer, I use Firefox as my main browser. On my laptop I use Google Chrome. I did another Google search on Chrome and I got a G+ post in the first SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Then I did the same search on Firefox and that post didn’t come up. I then realized that…

Google+ posts only come up in Google searches done on the Chrome browser!

OK, so how important is this fact? How many people use Chrome compared to the other browsers: IE, Safari, Firefox and Opera?

Turns out that 69% of Internet users us Chrome!

Why Google+ is crucial for SEO

In fact, the other browsers are losing users and Chrome is gaining!

Proof positive that Google+ is a crucial tool for search engine optimization (SEO)!

What are you waiting for? Get social savvy!

You need to understand how social media, content and SEO all work together. We can help.

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For #Local Businesses Content Marketing helps #SEO #Infographic

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Content Marketing is crucial for Local businessesFinding and attracting a local audience takes strategic planning. First you MUST define who your target market niche is — the narrower your focus, the better your results will be.

Know your target – put yourself it their shoes.

Ask yourself these questions or ask your current customers:

  • How far would they drive for what you have to offer?
  • Where is your web traffic coming from? Check your analytics/site statistics. It’s nice to have visitors from afar, but it’s a long shot that they’re going to be a loyal local customer
  • Is your website keywords to generic? Make sure your title reflects your location. Do a Google Keyword search for your geo area.
  • Follow local organizations like chambers or associations. Follow those who follow them. Find their groups on LinkedIn and communities on Google+
  • Research topics of local interest and blog about them. If you’re writing about something generic, apply it somehow to a local interest or idiosyncrasy.
  • Check the insights in your social networks to see your followers demographics and make sure they’re local to your area.

This infographic from “The Seen” explains in detail how content marketing helps local search:  Content Marketing helps Local Search SEO

 If you need help in learning where or how to do all this, please contact us. We’ll start with a free 30-minute phone consultation and analysis of your social media and blogging efforts.

Google+ & YouTube for Great SEO

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SEO - Search Engine Optimization TipGoogle+ is Google’s social network which is attached to the search engine. The reason you want to use G+ regularly, is for search engine optimization (SEO).

Google+ is the most misunderstood social network. But it’s crucial that you embrace and master it so that when people search for what you have to offer, you’ll come up in the first page of Google search engine results page. (SERPs)

Here is what you need to know about Google+

  1. Google+ badgeEverything posted public gets indexed in the search engine.
  2. The speed in which it’s indexed depends on how active you are on the network.
  3. “Active” means engaging – +1ing (liking), sharing, commenting as well as posting regularly.
  4. For local businesses, Google Places and Google Maps merged into Google+ Local
  5. Any business can have a G+ business page.
  6. You need a personal account to set up a business page. The personal account is the “White Pages” and the business page is the “Yellow Pages”

If you have a local business, you probably have a Google+ page and don’t even know it. Guess what? if it’s not branded properly — that is with your logo and a nice, quality cover graphic — you’re not presenting a good first impression.

Watch this Google+ overview video:

YouTube is owned by Google and connects to your Google+ pages.

AZ Social Media Wiz YouTube ChannelYour business YouTube channel needs to be connected to your Google+ business page!

Here’s what you need to know about YouTube:

  1. You logo comes from the Google+ page you have connected to it. If it shows your picture instead of your logo, you’ve got it connected to the wrong page.
  2. You need to add cover art – a large enough graphic that looks good no matter what device is used to view the video: a computer, tablet, phone or HD TV.
  3. You can upload a “subscribe now” button to give viewers a call-to-action and gain subscribers.
  4. You can add “channel defaults” and have your website and social links and business description on every video you upload. This aids in SEO.
  5. Channel keywords and an optimized description are essential for getting found in the 2nd largest search engine.
  6. You can feature videos and have a free channel ad

Watch this video for an overview of YouTube:

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