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Video: How to Use Hashtags to Effectively Market Your Business

Reading Time: 1 minute

Hashtags are everywhere! Even on LinkedIn! Use them consistently to brand your social media posts. This video will show you how. I also cover them in the Twitter class.

How to Use Hashtags to Market Your Business in Social Media:

Class notes:


How to Effectively Market Your Business on the New LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is your virtual Rolodex! It’s networking at the chamber of commerce on steroids. If you’re B2B, LinkedIn should be your primary network. If you’re B2C, it helps with credibility and LinkedIn users are consumers, too! This series of classes includes the new layout, where they moved things around, new features and should you go premium or not.

Marketing Your Business on the New LinkedIn Part 1:

Class notes:

LinkedIn Part 2 – Company pages, groups & more!

Class notes 2:

A tour of the new LinkedIn:

With LinkedIn’s recent platform update, they moved things around, made it easier to connect with people, added new features and took some away. Take this tour so you won’t waste time looking for what you need to do to effectively promote your business with LinkedIn. A must for B2B businesses.

Hashtags now Work on LinkedIn!

Video: How to Effectively Market Your Business with Twitter

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If you’re Social Media novice, you probably think Twitter is a waste of time. It’s not. Tweets come up in Google searches. Thus, each time you share a blog post on Twitter it gets indexed in the search engine helping with SEO. Think of Twitter as a never-ending news ticker. Use it for exposure and to find your target market.

How to Effectively Market Your Business with Twitter

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The #SocialSavvy Consumer

Reading Time: 4 minutes

“Buyer Beware”

Back in the day, whenever you purchased something, the advice was, buyer beware. Before you bought something or hired someone, you had to see credentials, check reviews, or asked a friend or colleague.

Today’s buyers are savvier and more demanding. They expect more. And, if you can’t provide content they can actually use, they will go elsewhere. They are…

Social Savvy

They know where to look. They know who to ask. They know.

They buy from those they know and trust.

Why You Need to Become Social Savvy

To be successful in today’s marketing, you need to know your target market inside and out. You need put yourself in their shoes. Where are they hanging out online? What are they going to enter into the search box to find you? When they have a problem (a pain point) where are they going for answers? How are you going to solve their pain point?

People get online for a variety of reasons:

  • To be entertained
  • They need or want something
  • They have a problem and are seeking help
  • To know what’s going on, see what happened, curiosity, see what’s trending
  • To keep up with their friends and family
  • To learn about the latest products
  • To keep up with fashion and style

The Social Savvy ConsumerWhen your potential customer discovers your website, what do they find?

Articles with answers to their problems? Stories about people like them who have the same issues and how your business solved their issue? An easy-to-see, clear, call-to-action where they can join a list, get a freebie or more info? Entertainment?

When that person finds your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page what will they find?

A logo graphic that’s cut off? A cover graphic that’s fuzzy or has text that is blocked by page features? Or good quality graphics that instantly tell them what it is that you do? Your last post was over 2 months ago, a few minutes or hours ago? The posts are all about how great the business is — selling, selling, selling?

Having an incomplete or fuzzy-looking social media page is like having a sloppy lobby.

These pages are your company’s façade. They’re your online image. Everything from pictures, the about section and what your posting is part of your brand. What does it say about you?

Are you Social Savvy? Or does it say that you clearly don’t know what you’re doing?

Folks, it’s 2016. Social Media is not going away. You either have to have your act together and get in game or start planning to close or sell your business (if that’s where you have to go, I have someone who can help you).

Start here: Download the Free Define Your Target Market Workbook to find your niche.

Then do some research – where are they hanging out online? Which networks do they prefer?

Learn about the networks. They are like foreign countries with their own culture and lingo. Find communities where your target markets are as well as referral sources.

Make sure your social media profiles and website are optimized for search. Each of the networks has their own powerful, internal search engine.

Think Keyword-Centric

Develop a strategic and a tactical social media marketing plan. This will be updated every month based on your analytics and insights, which tell you what’s working and what’s not working.

If you keep doing what’s not working expecting different results – that’s insanity!

Remember, not being Social Savvy is no longer an excuse. You can learn, practice and succeed at social media marketing with a little help from your friends at AZ Social Media Wiz.

We can do it for you or teach you how to do it yourself.

Click here to schedule a free, 30-minute phone consultation so we can analyze your current online efforts and help decide the best direction for your company.


How to Increase Traffic to Your Website [Infographic]

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We all want it – more traffic driven to our business website. It’s a mixture of proper SEO, content production and social media. And it’s not just a matter of setting it up and walking away hoping it all works by itself. No, it takes constant and continual planning an execution. But when done properly, IT WORKS!

  1. Your website has to be set-up properly and optimized for Google search.
  2. Your social media network profile pages need to be set-up correctly and optimized not just for Google search, but for their internal search engines.
  3. You need to blog at least 3 times a week.
  4. Each blog post has to be set-up properly.
  5. Each post needs to be shared on all the major social networks: Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, as well as bookmarking sites like Stumble Upon, Reddit and Digg.
  6. You should do a video at least 3 times a month if not weekly.
  7. You need a plan before you start.

We’ve got an affordable way for you to take all the classes you need to help you through each one of those steps to online marketing success:

This infographic has some tips — both free and paid — on how to increase traffic to your website and we can show you how to get it all set-up!

How to increase traffic to your website - infographic

If you’re not sure how to approach social media for your startup or existing business, schedule a free 15 minute phone consult.

You can become social savvy!

Need some coaching? Check out my 1:1 training and coaching service.

How & What Should I Post in Social Media?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

You’ve done your research. You’ve determined who your target market is and which social networks they use most often. Now you need to get your social media strategy going.

It’s not all about you or your company

It’s about what you can do for your client or potential client. It’s about providing valuable information, educating, helping, answering questions that they may ask before they ask them.

Hubspot’s 10-4-1 Rule

The 10-4-1 Rule is this: for every 15 tweets or posts:

  • 10 should be sharing other people’s content to your followers – experts and influencers in your field or industry. That means you need to keep up with industry news daily. Subscribe to their blogs. Follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & Google+. Share their posts with your followers. The experts will notice you also and thank you for sharing their content.
  • 4 should be sharing your content that’s not direct sales related. These are your blog posts on how to save time and money, how to do something – content of value to your followers. If the content is good, they’ll share it with their friends and followers and that’s how you become an influencer and known as an expert in your field.
  • 1 – and only 1 out of 15 – should be a direct sales pitch – a special deal, check this out, order today, etc.

You can post to Twitter more often that you post to Facebook or LinkedIn. A good strategy is this:

  • At least 15 posts to Twitter each day – information moves so quickly on Twitter that posts spaced during the day won’t overwhelm your audience.
  • 2-3 posts to Facebook a day. If you have Facebook connected to Twitter, where each Facebook post also gets tweeted out, be careful that you’re not duplicating posts.
  • 3 posts to LinkedIn a day. Same thing applies to LinkedIn if you have your Twitter account connected to your LinkedIn account. Post to any groups 3 times a week. Don’t overburden the group members with your content. Respect their rules. Each group is different. Be sure you read their rules before you start participating.
  • At least 3 posts to Google+ a day. Always post your blog URLs as soon as you publish them so the Google search engine will index it.
Connect Twitter to Facebook (not the other way around) & all your FB posts will automatically get tweeted out.

Connect Twitter to Facebook (not the other way around) & all your FB posts will automatically get tweeted out.

This, of course, is not written in stone. Be flexible. If you find that you’re getting more action in one network over another, then you can adjust your posting and focus more time on those networks.

If you need help putting together your social media marketing strategy, getting your social media profiles setup, building your following or just learning how to use the tools properly, please give me call – 602-738-1700

Giselle Aguiar
AZ Social Media Wiz
Social Media Trainer & Strategist

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Realtors – Why aren’t you using Social Media?

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Wait, let me reword that question: Realtors, why aren’t you using social media correctly to market and promote you and your business effectively?

Whatever your excuse is, it won’t fly.

Social Media Membership 2015

This is why you need to be on Social Media. It’s where the people are!

You can’t ignore social media any more. I know you’re busy. I know that you’re short-staffed. But you have to figure out what you need to do to promote yourself and your business properly using these free, powerful tools.

“But I don’t have TIME!”

Yes, I know that, too. So here’s my solution:

Don’t outsource your social media. Why?

  1. You know YOUR business more than anyone else.
  2. You have to create fresh content (blogging) and who else to do that in YOUR VOICE, than You?
  3. A 3rd party social media person may also be helping to promote another Realtor in your area – a competitor!
  4. Social Media is social – that means that one of it’s purposes is to build relationships with potential & current clients. Who do you want building relationships with YOUR potential clients – a stranger or yourself or a trained staff member?

What you need to do is get trained or have a staff member trained on how to market your business on social media.

Knowing how to post on Facebook and Twitter is not enough.

  • There are strategies, tactics and dos and don’ts for each network.
  • Your social media campaign has to be planned out.
  • Going out there and willy nilly start posting is a great way to waste time and energy and you won’t be happy with the results.
  • There’s also some research involved.

First, you must identify a specific target market.

I once asked a Realtor client, “Who’s your target market?”

She answered, “Anyone who wants to buy or sell a house.”

“That’s too broad. Can you narrow it down?”


“OK, that’s a little better, but still too broad.”

“Hispanic professionals with families.”

“Now, you’re talking! We can work with that!”

What’s your BRAND?

Bill Radke Real Estate

Guess what this Realtor’s passion is?

What’s your hobby? What are your interests? Define one thing that you are passionate about and build your brand around that. It could be a local sports team, playing a sport, pets, a cause or charity, etc.

Here’s a fine example. I recently connected with Bill Radke. Obviously, he’s a dog lover. He’ll know where the best vets are, the pet stores, the dog parks. He’ll know the specific needs of dog owners when it comes to buying a house. He can really connect with a specific target market – dog lovers.

Your next step is to learn how to properly use the free tools – the social media networks and the free software that’s available to manage your marketing campaign. If you don’t want to learn it yourself, then have a staff member trained.

Building Your Following

The most time-consuming part of social media is not the training, not the set-up, but building your following. That takes time – a little “sweat equity”.

  • You need to search for industry leaders and influencers and start following them.
  • You need to search for your target market on the networks and start following them.
  • Research industry bloggers to find trusted sources who produce content that you can share.
  • You need to greet new followers.
  • You need to keep up with industry news.

Staff members can be trained on how to do this. Once a following is built and you’re providing good content for them, it keeps growing and it can all be managed in 30 minutes a day.

Yes, it can be done in 30 minutes a day! I will show you how.

Stop making excuses on why you can’t promote yourself on social media and take our Boot Camp!

Giselle Aguiar
Digital Media Trainer & Strategist
AZ Social Media Wiz
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LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts

Reading Time: 2 minutes

LinkedIn Dos & Don'tsLinkedIn is a powerful networking tool for both jobseekers and businesses, but there are rules to follow. There are things that you just don’t do. LinkedIn is the Facebook for professionals and it’s nothing like Facebook.

It’s about networking.

Build your network the natural wayIt’s not who you know, but who your contacts know. Most of the time, a 1st-level connection may never be a customer of yours but they may very well connect you with someone who might.

It’s also not about you, but about what you can do for a potential employer or client.

LinkedIn Don’ts

  1. Never ask for a recommendation from someone who doesn’t know you or your work.
  2. Don’t connect with someone you don’t know or with whom you have absolutely nothing in common.
  3. Don’t put someone down if they are not interested in your product or service. That will hurt you even more.
  4. Don’t SPAM people – that is, sending solicitations over and over again.  Your email will get flagged for SPAM and you can get kicked out of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Dos

  1. Connect with people you meet at networking events
  2. Respect their wishes to not be contacted
  3. Send them 1 announcement email only. If they are interested, they’ll respond.
  4. Request endorsements or a recommendation from people who know you or your work. If you need more of those types of connections, volunteer, then ask for the endorsement. A happy client, former co-worker, boss or a friend should be happy to recommend you.
  5. Write an article once a week for LinkedIn on your topic. Remember who the reader is.
  6. Share content (and not just yours!) once or twice a week to LinkedIn groups – you’ll be noticed
  7. Participate in group discussions. Put your 2-cents in, but don’t be argumentative and stay positive.

Learn how to properly use these free tools in the Social Media Marketing Class and Boot Camp in Phoenix!

Giselle Aguiar
AZ Social Media Wiz 

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Learning Social Media Marketing is like Learning How to Drive a Car

Reading Time: 4 minutes
learning social media is like learning how to drive a car

My first car – a 1974 Plymouth Duster.

Remember when you learned how to drive? The car is a tool to get you from point A to point B. The instructor showed you how it works, taught you how to drive it and then you got a map to help you get where you wanted to go. Today it’s a GPS. Do you remember once you learned how to drive, that you couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel and go? Now, it’s second nature.

That’s how social media is. The networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.) are the cars. Each one drives differently. Like a manual transmission car vs an automatic. A compact vs a pick-up truck. You have to learn the idiosyncrasies of each one. Each is a tool. But the tool is only as good as the person using it.

Then you have to plan the road trip. You need a map, have to take account how many hours you’re going to drive before stopping for the night. Or you use a GPS. Without directions on how to get somewhere, you’ll waste time and gas driving around in circles. You have to ask for directions or get your GPS straight before you take off.

The mistakes I’m finding that many business owners make is they think that posting on Facebook or connecting on LinkedIn is good enough for them to start promoting their business. But if we go back to the car analogy, if you’ve been driving an automatic all your life and you get behind a stick-shift, you’re not going have a smooth ride until you master the clutch and shifting.

Here’s what you need to do learn how to market with social media. You need to…

  1. Learn how to drive the car – Learn the dos and don’ts of each network, the strategies and best practices to properly market your business.
  2. Know where you’re going – Define your target market.
  3. Find the best route to reach them – Do some research on the demographics of each network and see where your target market is hanging out.
  4. Map the trip – Have a concise, written plan and follow it.
  5. Know where you’re going to stay – What is your goal with social media marketing? To get generate traffic to your website? Get leads? To sell a product? Build brand awareness? Pick one or two and stick with it.
  6. Time out your trip – How much time will you spend on each network? You need to have a presence on all of them, but focus on where your target market is. Be flexible. If you’re getting more results from one or another, change your focus.

Social Media is not going away anytime soon. One thing’s for sure, marketing is not like it used to be so you need to adapt, evolve and grow with the new tools and strategies.

The best thing you can do is have an expert guide you – Your Driving Instructor.

That’s me. I’ll teach you how to use the tools, help you determine where you target market is and how best to reach them and build relationships with them. Help you strategize on where, what, when and how often to post, blog & share.

I can teach you how to manage your social media campaign in just 30 minutes a day. Yes it can be done. You can do it! It’s not that hard when you have the right tools and learn how to use them effectively. It’s best to hire me to get it right the first time then have to hire me to fix a mess. Remember, it’s your business’s reputation that’s at stake.

Check out our Social Media Marketing Boot Camp Online Tutorials!


7 Highly Effective Ways to Engage on Twitter [Infographic]

Reading Time: 1 minute

By Irene Hsiao


Twitter is a great tool for staying abreast of what’s trending.  Besides keeping you in the know, Twitter is also a way to engage with like-minded folks.

Below is a list a of seven ways to engage on Twitter:

  1.   Be First to Break the News
  2.   Promote Others
  3.   Ask for a retweet
  4.   Infuse Personality into Your Profile
  5.   Tweet Again
  6.   Connect People 
  7.   Leave Space