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Top 10 Best Social Media News for Dec. 16, 2016

Well, one of the hot items in social media news this week is Donald Trump’s usage of Twitter to announce cabinet choices before telling the reporters huddled in the lobby of Trump Tower. I find it hilarious that the news media has to rely on Twitter for the latest news on PEOTUS (President-Elect of the […]

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Beware! Google Mobilegeddon 2017 is Coming! Mobile Popups Be Gone!

Google Mobilegeddon 2017 will block sites with popupsI hate popups! I had one on this site till I read that Google Mobilegeddon 2017 is coming.

It will block websites with popups on mobile devices!

I don’t blame them. Consider that I was in my car trying to find the address for a company. I was on their website on my phone and the stupid popup kept blocking my access to the address that I needed.

Popups are annoying. Remember a few years ago when popups used to come up in a new browser window. What did the browser developers do? They added popup blockers. So the advertising people came up with code for websites to add popups within their site. It didn’t cause a new window to open, so people started using them as productive calls-to-actions (CTAs).

Some popup plugins have a way to not have them come up in their controls, but not the free ones, like the one I was using. With the fact that 83% of mobile searchers use Google, I’m not going to risk it. Deleted!

The problem is that annoying as they are, popups are effective in getting people to opt-in or convert from a visitor to a lead.

So what can we use to replace popups for free?

  • Add an opt-in form at the end of your blog post – this will take a bit of coding. Your webmaster should be able to do it for you. Make sure it connects to your email program.
  • Create a small graphic ad and link it to the landing page for your offer. Put it at the at the end of each blog post and in your sidebar. Make the offer enticing, like if it were an ad on Facebook. Use the free online graphics tool, Canva, to create the ads. Test different sizes of the ads on various devices.
  • Use text link calls-to-action. People still click on good, old-fashioned links.

I’m sure some clever developers will come up with new ways to get a visitor’s attention without being so “in your face”.

I’ve heard that Google Mobilegeddon 2017 will happen January 10, 2017, so you have no time to waste!

Google’s goal is to help the searcher find what they’re looking for quickly and effectively. They focus on fresh, relevant content. So blogging often about your topic will keep Google happy. And turn off the popups to keep readers happy.






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Mobile Marketing + Social Media Together a Powerful Paring

The big guys get mobile. You can subscribe to text messages and get the latest news flashes and weather reports, but have you thought of using mobile marketing to better reach your customers – current and potential? 

Mobile Marketing BarriersI’m sure many of you have been thinking about it, but have no clue where to start or if mobile marketing is even right for your business. Here are a few things to think about:

  • Compatibility with both iOS (Apple iPhones) and Android.
  • Easy to use for both you and your customers.
  • Social Media integration – you have to make it easy for people to share your messages with their friends on social!
  • Offering both video and text messaging capabilities.
  • It’s got to work for YOUR business.

Important Mobile Marketing FeaturesYou know your target market is on mobile!

Small Business Owners Use Mobile A LotThis chart shows that over 55% of small business owners are on their mobile devices scheduling appointments and communicating with customers. The major social media networks say that usage on their mobile apps is increasing more and more.

You’re using it! I’m sure your customers are too!

If you’re a global business, mobile is how to reach the consumer. In parts of Africa, they bypassed landlines and went straight to cellular because of lack of infrastructure.

If you’re a retailer, with either a brick-and-mortar location or online e-commerce store, mobile sales for the 2015 holiday season is geared to increase tremendously!

Are you ready?

Mobile is going to be huge for holiday sales in 2015!

Not sure what mobile marketing can bring? Watch this:

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