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Your Site Name is Crucial in Mobile Search

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Google Mobile Search ResultsWith Google launching their new mobile-friendly algorithm on April 21, 2015, they’re also changing how your site’s name appears in mobile search engine results pages (SERPs) to use your site name and they will truncate long URLs.

Unfortunately, there are still many websites with “Home” in the title or even blank like this:

Bad site titles.

Your company name is not “Home”




Is yours one of them?

Sloppy SEO on your website hurt you before and even more so now.

Do you really want to hide your company’s website from over 133.6 million people who use a mobile device — SmartPhone or tablet — to search?

Mobile search is increasing.

Mobile search is increasing.

In these posts, Google explains how improve your Mobile SEO and make sure your site shows up in the SERPs.

Better presentation of URLs in search results

Include Your Site Name in Search Results

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