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5 Target Market Personas for NonProfits

Define your target market

Unlike a for-profit business that usually has one main target market, maybe two, a nonprofit has several — at least 5 distinct ones. These 5 target market personas need to be clearly identified and embraced. Ideally, you need to get

What is a Social Media Emergency? (And What to Do About it!)

What is a Social Media Emergency? (And What to Do About it!)

Nothing like waking up in the morning to a social media emergency! What’s a Social Media Emergency? When you wake up to find that some evil person: Hacked into one of your accounts and posted something derogatory or offensive Hacked

24 Foolish LinkedIn Mistakes and How You Can Fix Them

LinkedIn missing photo

Google considers LinkedIn one of the top referral sites for information on professional people. If someone googles your name, more than likely your LinkedIn profile will come up in the first few of the Google search engine results. That’s where

Get Found On Social Media – they’re as Powerful as Google

What is Social Media Marketing: What You Need to Know...

The main social media networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, each have very powerful internal search engines that rival Google. If you don’t have your business profiles optimized for their search engines, you won’t come up in search

Stop Thinking of Social Media as Technology – Think of it as Community

social media

If you think of the social media networks as technology, your first thought is, “I’m not a techie!” Take a step back. Look at what social media really is: community. Think if each of the social networks as foreign countries

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