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How to Take Advantage of Twitter’s Longer Tweets

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I’m really loving the 280-character-longer tweets! It’s about time! Twitter users have been asking for this since its conception 11 years ago.

And because of President Trump’s love for tweeting at all hours, Twitter usage had grown tremendously in 2017.

So how can you use Twitter’s longer tweets to promote your business?

  1. By quoting other people’s tweets and adding your own comments, hashtags, even a link to your own website. Now, instead of a countdown, you see a circle. As you get close to the 280 character count, it’ll change color and tell you exactly how much space you have left. How to Take Advantage of Twitter's Longer Tweets2. Put full quotes and excerpts. Not all sharing tools have caught up to the 280-characters yet, but they’re getting there. Take advantage of Longer tweetsThis is what the longer tweet looks like: Take advantage of longer tweets3. Thank more people at once. Especially if you’re just started on Twitter. Your objective is to build a following and get noticed by your target market and influencers (people who have a lot of followers). Now you can thank a whole bunch, add a hashtag, call-to-action and link. I like using TweetDeck to do this easily and manage my Twitter account. Thank more people on Twitter with longer tweets

If you’ve been ignoring Twitter, you’re missing out on a very powerful platform to get exposure and SEO (search engine optimization.)

Here’s my free Twitter class

11 Easy Ways to Grow Your Twitter Followers & Get Noticed

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Why bother with Twitter? Because you want exposure and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Simple. You want to build a following or a platform.

Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

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In his book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, Michael Hyatt writes:

There are three benefits to carefully building and nurturing your platform… A platform provides:

  1. Visibility – elevate yourself above the crowd
  2. Amplification – extend your reach
  3. Connection – more connected with your fans, customers and supporters

Tweets come up in Google search! You can’t just set up a Twitter account, automate some content and expect it to work.

Here are some tips to grow your Twitter followers:

  1. Clearly define your target market(s) persona. You’re going to be searching for your target on Twitter search, but you need to identify who you’re looking for. Otherwise, you’ll waste time. Do a little research on them, too.
  2. Default Twitter profile graphic - replace it ASAP. Brand your Twitter account like an extension of your website. You have 7 seconds to catch someone’s attention. In those 7 seconds, they should know exactly what you do and what you have to offer. Replace the default egg graphic with either your picture or your logo. It hast to be 400 x 400 pixels. The banner is 1500 x 500 pixels. Create quality graphics in the correct dimensions. You can’t take a small graphic and stretch it to fit. It will look fuzzy. You also can’t upload a rectangular logo into the square. It will get cut off. Use a free graphics tool like to create your pictures.
  3. Write a keyword-centric bio with hashtags. Think keywords. This is no place to be cute or funny. You have only 160 characters to describe what you do and what you have to offer. Make every word count and mean something. Make sure you add the link to your website.
  4. Tweet. Share some content. Because Twitter moves so fast and people log on at different times of the day, you can easily post 10-20 tweets a day using a scheduler or automating content. However, for every 15 tweets…
    1. 10 should be other people’s content
    2. 4 are your original content or tips
    3. 1, no more than 2, should be selling posts with calls-to-action
  5. Search for your target market using Twitter’s search box. Try several keywords and phrases. If you’re local, add location to the search. Take notice of their location, how many followers they have and how many people they are following. You’re looking for people who are active and with a decent following (over 100). Now, take into consideration how long they’ve been on Twitter. It’s possible they are new, but they still are potential customers. How many tweets? Read some of them. What are they tweeting about?
  6. 11 Easy Ways to Grow Your Twitter Followers & Get NoticedFollow people. As soon as you follow someone, they are notified. They will then check out your profile and decide if they want to follow you back. Follow people or companies that are either…
    1. Potential customers – they reflect the description you came up with in your target market research.
    2. Potential strategic partners – connect with people in related industries who could serve as referral sources.
    3. Influencers – these are people with a lot of followers and those followers are your potential target market.
    4. Content providers – these are people in your industry or related industries who post good, quality content that’s worthy to share with your followers.
  7. Use lists to classify users. Definitely make one for Influencers so you can easily follow them and share their content.
  8. Monitor your competition. See what their posting and how often.
  9. Check what’s trending in the morning and then later in the day. See if there’s anything that you can use to spin your marketing message around to get more exposure.
  10. Use hashtags properly. Hashtag major keywords. Create your own. But don’t over do it! Not every word needs to be hashtagged. When someone clicks on a hashtag, all tweets with that hashtags, as well as account bios, will come up.
  11. Thank people for following you, retweeting your tweets and mentioning you. That’s proper Twitter etiquette. It’s how you start building relationships. Check your notifications at least every other day.
  12. Bonus one! Have a Twitter follow button on your website and blog to make it easy for people to follow you.

Oh, and if you think you can take a shortcut and buy Twitter followers, DON’T! They are not your target market. They are fake accounts!

If a lot of what I’m saying here seems like a foreign language to you, then you need the Ultimate Online Marketing Glossary!

Now, this is just Twitter. You can’t ignore the other networks. Each has its own culture and ways to build a following and platform. You need to familiarize yourself with how each social media network works so you can leverage their power effectively.

A good place to start is the Social Media Marketing Boot Camp.

Isn’t it time you got Social Savvy?

Which other social media networks are you using? Please comment below.


Why you Want to Disconnect Facebook and Twitter

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When I first started my business, I advised clients to connect their Twitter accounts to their Facebook business pages so that everything that you post on Facebook gets tweeted out at the same time. Hit 2 birds with 1 stone. That worked great. Twitter takes the first 80 characters of the Facebook post then creates a shortlink either back to Facebook or directly to the shared post.

Now you need to disconnect Facebook and Twitter.

How your pictures look on Twitter if you have it connected to Facebook. If you don’t write a comment on the post, on Twitter you’d see “…. shared a link on Facebook.” Same thing when you post a picture. Yes, it looks silly on Twitter, but it saves so much time!

Now that Twitter isn’t just text posts any more and they are featuring pictures (they’re competing with Facebook for ad dollars), having the two connected hurts rather than helps.

The only pictures that show up nice on Twitter are ones uploaded directly to Twitter or through TweetDeck, which is a Twitter product.

Pictures shared from any third party platform like HootSuite, Facebook, Buffer, etc. only shows a link also.

Use TweetDeck to post images to Twitter & schedule it for the future.So if you want eye-catching images on Twitter, take a few extra clicks and upload it right. That’s why I love TweetDeck. You can upload pictures and schedule them to post in the future. Can’t do that on Twitter directly.

Social media needs to be taken seriously. You’ll appear foolish if you don’t learn how to use these platforms properly. You’ll waste time, money and you’ll not gain followers. It’s your online image. No matter what your purpose is for being on social media, you need to see how it appears to others – especially your potential clients.

That’s how a picture should appear on Twitter.

To unlink them, go to and disconnect them. You can also deselect the photos, but don’t forget to ALWAYS add a comment when sharing a link or someone else’s post.

Unlink Facebook from Twitter

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5 Types of Twitter Users – Which are you?

Reading Time: 4 minutes

There are still a lot of folks out there who don’t “get” Twitter. Twitter is where people go to find out what’s going on right now. It’s where people get information. Twitter users have varying reasons for being on Twitter.

Here I explain the difference of the 5 main Twitter users…

It’s based on the follower to following ratio – how many people are following them compared to how many people they are following.

Newsmakers – they have way more followers than then number of people they follow. These are organizations like newspapers, magazines, TV shows, celebrities. They make the news and people follow them to get the news.

Forbes on Twitter - a newsmaker

Information Gatherers – these folks are following a lot of people, they post very few original posts and don’t have many followers. These could be researchers, reporters.Twitter users: information gatherer.

Relationship Builders – these are on Twitter to make friends. They have an fairly even number of followers and following. They tweet often and people follow them because they like what they are tweeting about. These folks also care about their followers – thanking them for retweeting and mentioning them.Twitter Users: Relationship Builder

Newbies – everyone has to start somewhere! To grow a following you need to tweet good content and follow the people you want following you. Take a look at who’s following your competition or related businesses and follow them. When you follow someone, they are notified and they can then choose if they want to follow you back or not. Your first benchmark goal is 100 followers in 30 days. Once you pass the 100 mark, people will see that you’re credible and tweeting regularly and your following will grow as long as you keep feeding them what they want.Twitter Users - Newbie, but he's getting there.

To grow your following, your profile page has to be set-up correctly with:

  • Good, quality graphics – it’s your online image – make it look good.
    • Your logo in 400 x 400 pixels – a square – do not upload a rectangular logo into the square – it will get cut off!
    • Your cover graphic – 1500 x 500 pixels. Create a graphic that size. Do not take a smaller graphic and resize it to fit. It will look fuzzy.
  • A complete, keyword-centric bio. You have 160 characters to describe what you do – take advantage of this. It gives you credibility. Use hashtags on the major keywords.
  • Your website link – this helps with SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Your name or your company name – however you wish to be known as.

Eventually, a Newbie will become a Relationship Builder and may eventually graduate to a Newsmaker.

Spammers, jerks, trolls and fake accounts – Unfortunately, like in every community, there are nasty, stupid people. Twitter tries hard to eliminate these, but it’s up to the real users to police them, report them as spammers and/or block them. This looks like a Twitter fake account.

How can you tell if it’s a fake account? Look at the follower to following ratio as compared to the number of tweets. Is it off? Another way is their username/handle – it’s a bunch of random letters numbers or words that make no sense. They have a egg as their picture or logo (that’s why it’s important to upload a picture as soon as possible.)

Spammers will follow you to get noticed and to get you to buy something. They try to sell you the “magic pill” that will grow your following into the thousands. Hint: those are fake followers and are NOT your target market!

The way to build a following is organically, as outlined above. It takes time and sweat equity, but it’s worth it.

So which Twitter user are you? Tweet me your response!

Learn to do social media the right way by taking our online classes.


Does the Ratio of Twitter Followers to Following Matter?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Yes, the Ratio of Twitter Followers to Following Matters and here’s why….Does the ratio of Twitter followers and following matter?

There are 5 different types of Twitter users:

  • Newsmakers – more followers than following
  • Information gatherers – following a lot of people, few followers, not tweeting much
  • Relationship builders – even ratio of followers to following
  • Spammers, jerks & nasty folks
  • Newbies – few tweets, more following than followers

A normal progression is to go from newbie to relationship builder and eventually to a newsmaker.

When you look at someone’s Twitter page, it shows the number of tweets, followers and following as well as how many lists they’ve been added to. If you see a thousands of followers and following and only a few tweets, that’s probably a fake account. The balance is not right. The people that create these fake accounts are very clever. They’ll put pictures, give them certain interests and even a location.

To see, click on who’s following them. Yes, anyone can view someone’s followers and who they are following, which is why you need to be a bit selective who you follow. Sorry, but you really can’t do anything about who’s following you. These fake accounts are what they sell you when you take one of those tempting, but totally wrong offers of buying Twitter followers.

Another important factor of Twitter is that tweets come up in Google search page results based on keywords and phrases, which helps tremendously with SEO.

There are many tools to make it easy to post regularly to Twitter.

  1. You need a plan before you start – both strategic and tactical
  2. Have a branding message and goals in mind
  3. Learn how to properly and effectively use both Twitter and the tools. We’ve got the classes! Take them & lean how to:

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How to hold a Twitter Chat with a #Hashtag

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Hashtag RulesTwitter is a real-time marketing tool. Understanding this is key in learning how to use it effectively to promote your business. You have to realize that it’s not about self-promotion, but offering information that is of interest to your target market.

Twitter is great for:

  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Getting brand exposure
  • Establishing you or your company as experts in your field
  • SEO – tweets come up in Google search results

Hashtags are used to classify tweets. It’s the # sign in front of a keyword or phrase. It makes it clickable and searchable. If you use them consistently in your tweets, if someone clicks on one, all the tweets with that hashtag will come up.

How do you use them to hold conversations – a.k.a. a Twitter Chat?

First, you publicize the chat as you would any event and create a hashtag.

Someone needs to be the moderator or host of the chat.

At the given time, you start the chat with a short intro then the first question, Q1: ……?

Participants then reply with A1: …… and so forth.

Remember you only have 140 characters. Have your questions prepared in advance.

Use a tool like TweetDeck or TweetChat to manage it.

#almondchatHere’s a sample Twitter Chat >>>>

Some time ago, I was preparing to give a class on Twitter and I noticed that #AlmondChat was trending. For something to be trending nationally on Twitter, there has to be thousands of people tweeting that name, word, phrase or hashtag. I clicked on it and this is what came up.

This was a chat started by California Almonds (@almonds). It seems to have a guest moderator, “Roadie Nutritionist” as she asked Q10. (2nd one down).

Notice the bottom tweet is A9. We don’t know what Q9 was, but we can assume it was about healthy snacking on vacation. 

Here are some Twitter Chat tips:

  • Try to keep control of the chat – it’s your chat and you can choose to respond or not to respond to people.
  • There are “trolls” out there who’s sole purpose in life is to cause trouble. Ignore or block them.
  • Keep the hashtag short and easy to read so people can quickly tell what it’s about.

Have you ever held a Twitter chat? If so, I’d love to hear about it. Please comment below… also, if you have any questions.

Would you like us to evaluate your social media efforts? We’d love to! Please contact us to schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation and analysis.


Taking Advantage of What’s Trending in Social Media Without Looking Foolish

Reading Time: 4 minutes

In the next few weeks there’s going to be a lot of stuff “trending” on social media — The Oscars, Valentine’s Day, March Madness — and you can take advantage of these trends to gain visibility and followers for your business. However, you must do so carefully to avoid a social media “faux pas”.

What is a trend?

A word or phrase is “trending” when a lot of people are posting that word or phrase on Twitter and Google+. You can also see what’s trending on Google search — that’s the top search terms people are searching for at any given time.

What trends?

Sometimes, it’s really silly and you can drive yourself crazy trying to figure out why something is trending. Usually it’s either a celebrity, a breaking news item, event, holiday, awareness day/week/month, disaster, etc. They could be a #hashtag or a just a name or phrase. (Related: What is a Hashtag) You can plan ahead for holidays and awareness days by checking Calendar-at-a-Glance to see what’s coming up.

So how do you ride on a trend’s coattails?

Easy. Think of how your product, business or service can tie-in with the trend. Be creative and clever. The sporting events can represent: winning, power, teamwork, speed, agility, skill, training, etc.

The award shows – any one in retail, fashion or style should be commenting on what the celebrities are wearing. What works and what doesn’t. What retro looks are coming back, etc. #RedCarpet will be trending.

It’s in Real Time

Oreo_dunk_in_the_darkDepending on the trend, it’s usually in real time. That means it’s happening now and if you miss it, you missed it. You don’t want to be “Johnny-come-lately”.

The best example of this was during the 2013 Super Bowl when they had the power outage. Some very clever person at Oreo, took advantage of that and sent out the “Dunk in the Dark” picture which got close to 16,000 retweets in minutes! The phrase “power out” was trending as people were tweeting while they waited for the game to resume.

What’s really important is to see WHY something is trending before you take advantage of it. Click on it and read some of the posts. If a phrase or word is trending because of a tragedy, the best thing to do is offer support and compassion. You don’t want to offend anyone.

Trending hashtags are a great way to make your tweets seen by more people, increase your engagement and reach and ultimately grow your community. You do however need to know when it’s not worth using certain hashtags because the reality is, no one cares about your product when the rest of the tweet makes them think about the disaster that is occurring, they will just think of you as insensitive. ~SocialBro Blog “The bad and the ugly, 8 celebrity Twitter mistakes…”

One of the most insensitive examples of this was when “Aurora” was trending – and it wasn’t because of the Aurora Borealis, or a dress, but the shootings in Aurora, Colorado.

Taking advantage of what's trending can fail big time if you don't check first!

Check to see WHY something is trending before you take advantage of it!


A word of caution also, when taking advantage of a celebrity’s misfortune — it may also look insensitive to make fun of them.

What's trending on Twitter

What’s trending on Twitter, 1/23/14, 2:40 pm. 5 trends pertain to Justin Bieber’s arrest for DUI. #ProBowl is a promoted hashtag

When I grabbed what’s trending on Twitter, I found out that Justin Bieber was arrested on DUI charges. Amazing how all you need to do is log on to social media to find out what’s going on in Real Time! No wonder newspapers are going out of business — they are seriously “old news”!

Here’s a perfect example of a company,, that took advantage of poor Justin Bieber’s situation and the hashtag #DeportBieber. They were interviewed by Bloomberg’s Pimm Fox for their clever and innovative offering to send Justin Bieber anywhere around the world as long as he left the U.S. and never came back!

Social Media can be a very powerful marketing tool when used properly. We can help you get set up, branded and optimized. Then we’ll put a strategic and tactical plan together to guide you, train you on how to use the free tools properly and show you how you can manage your social media marketing in just 30 minutes a day!


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How & What Should I Post in Social Media?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

You’ve done your research. You’ve determined who your target market is and which social networks they use most often. Now you need to get your social media strategy going.

It’s not all about you or your company

It’s about what you can do for your client or potential client. It’s about providing valuable information, educating, helping, answering questions that they may ask before they ask them.

Hubspot’s 10-4-1 Rule

The 10-4-1 Rule is this: for every 15 tweets or posts:

  • 10 should be sharing other people’s content to your followers – experts and influencers in your field or industry. That means you need to keep up with industry news daily. Subscribe to their blogs. Follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & Google+. Share their posts with your followers. The experts will notice you also and thank you for sharing their content.
  • 4 should be sharing your content that’s not direct sales related. These are your blog posts on how to save time and money, how to do something – content of value to your followers. If the content is good, they’ll share it with their friends and followers and that’s how you become an influencer and known as an expert in your field.
  • 1 – and only 1 out of 15 – should be a direct sales pitch – a special deal, check this out, order today, etc.

You can post to Twitter more often that you post to Facebook or LinkedIn. A good strategy is this:

  • At least 15 posts to Twitter each day – information moves so quickly on Twitter that posts spaced during the day won’t overwhelm your audience.
  • 2-3 posts to Facebook a day. If you have Facebook connected to Twitter, where each Facebook post also gets tweeted out, be careful that you’re not duplicating posts.
  • 3 posts to LinkedIn a day. Same thing applies to LinkedIn if you have your Twitter account connected to your LinkedIn account. Post to any groups 3 times a week. Don’t overburden the group members with your content. Respect their rules. Each group is different. Be sure you read their rules before you start participating.
  • At least 3 posts to Google+ a day. Always post your blog URLs as soon as you publish them so the Google search engine will index it.
Connect Twitter to Facebook (not the other way around) & all your FB posts will automatically get tweeted out.

Connect Twitter to Facebook (not the other way around) & all your FB posts will automatically get tweeted out.

This, of course, is not written in stone. Be flexible. If you find that you’re getting more action in one network over another, then you can adjust your posting and focus more time on those networks.

If you need help putting together your social media marketing strategy, getting your social media profiles setup, building your following or just learning how to use the tools properly, please give me call – 602-738-1700

Giselle Aguiar
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Video Testimonials – A Great Digital Marketing Tool

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Video is hot! People are more likely to sit and watch a video than to read an article. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a staunch advocate of blogging — it provides the Google search engine with the fresh, relevant content it’s looking for. But video can easily work with blogs and social media to promote any business. The best spokespeople are happy-camper customers. Here’s a perfect example by Dr. Daniel Amen posted to YouTube. It’s a simple video of a satisfied client.

Notice the clear and simple branding on the lower, left-hand corner and in the upper right. That one is in the YouTube In-video programming where you can upload your logo and it will automatically appear on all the videos you upload.

There’s a nice a call to action at the end. You have to tell people what you want them to do, otherwise they won’t do it.

This video was directly uploaded to their Facebook fan page. I saw it because I like Dr. Amen’s page some time ago. This video should also be on YouTube, and uploaded to Google+ and Twitter.

Here’s my call-to-action: I can help:

  • Get you or your company get set up with consistent branding throughout the networks
  • Strategize with you to plan your digital media marketing campaign
  • Show you or your staff how to use the free tools to
    • Find your target market
    • Grow your following and
    • Manage your social media campaign in just 30 minutes a day!

Learn how to leverage the power of social media in our live classes & boot camp.

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7 Highly Effective Ways to Engage on Twitter [Infographic]

Reading Time: 1 minute

By Irene Hsiao


Twitter is a great tool for staying abreast of what’s trending.  Besides keeping you in the know, Twitter is also a way to engage with like-minded folks.

Below is a list a of seven ways to engage on Twitter:

  1.   Be First to Break the News
  2.   Promote Others
  3.   Ask for a retweet
  4.   Infuse Personality into Your Profile
  5.   Tweet Again
  6.   Connect People 
  7.   Leave Space