How to gain Exposure with what will be Trending in August

Trending in August

August in Phoenix is not just hot, it’s back-to-school time – or is it? With COVID-19 still haunting us, when kids go back-to-school is still up in the air. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not trending on social media.

Know, Like & Trust: Getting the Best From Your Social Marketing

How to get your Content seen on Facebook in spite of its Crazy Algorithm

People buy from whom they know and trust. Before they get to know you, the have to notice you. Before they trust you, they have to also like you. Social Marketing makes it easy for people to do that. You

What Will Be Trending on Social Media in July…

What's trending in July

Summer’s here and so are vacation days. Before you go on vacay, schedule out your social media posts to take advantage of what’s going to be trending on Social Media in July. We’re still on COVID-19 watch. Please be careful

5 Types of Twitter Users – Which are You?

11 Easy Ways to Grow Your Twitter Followers & Get Noticed

There are still a lot of folks out there who don’t “get” Twitter. Twitter is where people go to find out what’s going on right now. It’s where people get information. Twitter users have varying reasons for being on Twitter.

How to take Advantage of what’s Trending on Twitter

Does the ratio of Twitter followers to following matter?

Yeah, some people may “hate Twitter”, but it is a great tool to get exposure. People hate Twitter because they don’t understand Twitter. Twitter is like a never-ending news ticker. It’s what happening right now in real-time. At any given

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