The Best Tips to Help you Compose Effective Marketing [Infographic]

Online marketing

One of the goals of your social media marketing should be to get people to share your posts with their followers. That’s called social amplification. It’s not going viral — usually that’s a fluke. But you never know. You want someone with more followers than you to share your post — blog or social media — with their followers. Your REACH increases by however many followers they have.

This infographic from talks about Word Science in Marketing

One thing’s for sure, because of digital media, we have data and statistics to be able to determine what words or phrases get the most engagement — shares, likes, and comments. However, there is no absolute guarantee that if you use these words you’ll get more sales. Just…

  1. Use them consistently — and that goes for hashtags too.
  2. Know your audience — get the Free Target Market Workbook
  3. Do your research — get to know your audience to know what to say
  4. Plan your strategy and tacticsNever dive in without a plan!
  5. Monitor and measure — at the end of each month, check your insights and analytics to see what’s working and not working and adjust your strategic and tactical plans accordingly.

Word Science infographic

Now to your Website as a Marketing Tool

What does the website font say about you? Sure you think that it looks pretty, classy or cute, but is that the real image you want to portray?

Your website is more than just a nice online brochure. It’s your 24/7 sales person. You don’t want to turn people off with fancy fonts.

This infographic from GetVoip, shows the personalities of the different fonts out there.

What your font says about you

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