The Truth on Social Media Metrics from Jay Baer [Video]

With social media, it’s not all about likes and shares – it’s about metrics.

In this video. Jay Baer explains the importance of social media metrics.

If you really want to know what value social media is providing, you have to do the work. Insights always require effort, and it’s important to remember that the goal is not to be good at social media, it’s to be good at business as a result of social media.~ Jay Baer

Sure you get some free analytics and insights, but they’re just “scratching the surface” of the data that you can obtain about your fans, followers.

Reviewing your analytics, insights and metrics should be done monthly. This will help you to plan your marketing efforts for the next month.  If you need help with analyzing your social media efforts, we’ve got a new service that provides comprehensive reports along with coaching and planning for the next month. Contact us!