Top 12 Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses are Making

I see it everywhere. Social Media Mistakes marketers make that could be avoided when trying to promote their businesses online! The best thing anyone can do is learn how all this stuff works BEFORE jumping in!

  • You don’t want to look foolish.
  • You want to blend in with the natives.
  • You want it to work.
  • You want to make money.
  • You want to drive people to your website.
  • You don’t want Google to ignore you.
  • You want to get noticed for your products or service NOT because you don’t know what you’re doing!

So here’s what not to do for Social Media Success – Don’t Make These Mistakes!

  1. Dive in without a plan
  2. No content strategy
  3. Not investing in owned assets — your own email list, blog, content website, video, graphics, etc.
  4. Not being human – you can automate a lot of the media, but you still have to be social.
  5. Ignoring comments on Facebook
  6. Not committing to social media long-term – it’s a marathon, not a sprint.
  7. No lead generation strategy – or lead capturing on your website
  8. Inconsistent branding – people need to know what it is that you do at first glance. And yes, you need a logo!
  9. Forgetting to have fun
  10. There is no description (see #7)
  11. Focusing on quantity over quality
  12. If you build it they will come —- NOT!

Here’s an infographic from We Buzz that explains all the Social Media Mistakes that you all are making out there…

Top 12 Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses are Making

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