Twitter: What you Need to Know about using this Powerful Tool

Twitter: What you Need to Know about using this Powerful Tool

Have you been ignoring Twitter?

I bet you have. Most small business owners don’t realize or recognize it’s power. You probably think that it’s just a platform for President Trump to speak his mind and all his supporters or opponents to speak theirs.

True, President Trump has resuscitated Twitter. Moreover, Twitter is now classified as a “news app” rather than a social media app in mobile app stores. Think of it as a never-ending news ticker.

News no longer breaks, it tweets.

So, why should you be using Twitter?

  1. Tweets come up in Google search – This helps with search engine optimization (SEO) when you share your blog posts and links from your website.
  2. It’s easy to connect with influencers – An influencer is someone with a lot of followers. You want to connect with influencers in your field or industry. For instance, if you offer parenting classes, you want to connect with mom bloggers. Mom Bloggers are very active on Twitter and it’s easy to build relationships with them.
  3. Find groups and enthusiasts on Twitter. I found #CraftBeer lovers to help a client with their grand opening.
  4. It’s easy to schedule posts – Using some of the free tools like TweetDeck, Buffer or Hootsuite, you can schedule posts — other people’s content, promotional posts and your content — to go out into the future.
  5. You can build a decent following in 30 days – True it will take a little sweat equity, but it’s worth it. Once you reach 100 followers, with just a little planning, you can do it in a few minutes a day. If you tap into the right crowd, you can building it faster. I broke my record with 100 followers in 2 weeks with the #CraftBeer crowd.
  6. Hashtags are powerful on TwitterTake advantage of trending hashtags to get even more exposure and grow your following – Every morning, there’s a hashtag trending:
    • #MondayMotivation
    • #TuesdayThoughts
    • #WednesdayWisdom
    • #ThursdayThoughts
    • #FridayFeeling
    • #SaturdayMorning
    • #SundayMorning

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is the pound sign in front of word or phrase that makes it clickable and searchable. It’s a way to classify and brand your tweets and posts. They work in all the networks except YouTube.

Here are a couple of examples…

Twitter hashtag sample
We created the hashtag #WholeLife180 and use it consistently in posts. This is a promo post.


Twitter hashtag sample
This is a post we shared of someone else’s relevant content. We added the #WholeLife180 hashtag. If someone clicks on that hashtag, they’ll see the promo post as well as all the other posts with that hashtag.

Hashtag Tips:

  • Plan out your hashtag strategy
  • You can create your own
  • They are not case sensitive, but when using a phrase, capitalize the first letter of each word so it’s easier for the human eye to read.
  • They only use letters or numbers — no special characters. As soon as you add a space or symbol, the hashtag ends.
  • Always leave a space in front of the hashtag, otherwise, it won’t work.
  • Follow relevant hashtags like #parenting or #swimming to see who’s posting and connect with those people.

Here are some Twitter do’s and don’ts:

  • Don’t ever buy Twitter followers! They are fake accounts. You want to grow your following organically. People will follow you if they like what you’re posting. And if you already did, it’s going to cost you to either dump that account or have it cleaned. Twitter is trying to combat fake accounts, bots and spam.
  • Do thank someone for following you. Using TweetDeck you can thank more than one person at the same time.
  • Do be creative in spinning your marketing message with trending hashtags. Always check to see why something is trending before riding on the trend’s coattails. It could be a crisis or tragedy.
  • Do tweet! People won’t follow you if you’re not tweeting. You can easily tweet 10 times a day since it goes so fast. Use the scheduler to space your tweets.
  • Do check you analytics at the end of each month to see which tweets got the most engagement, reach and clicks. You must set up your Twitter analytics when you set up your account. They’ll tell you demographics and what your followers are interested in.
  • Don’t automate responses. You want to build relationships. You want to find those influencers — especially the ones that follow you back — that means they’re interested.
  • Do follow people who you think are potential customers, referral sources, advocates and influencers. They’ll be notified when you follow them, hopefully, they’ll check you out and follow you back. At that point youv’e started a relationship.
  • Do brand your Twitter profile page similar to your website. You have 7 seconds to catch someone’s attention. A visitor should know immediately what it is you do or what you have to offer.
  • Don’t get over-wordy with flowery language in your Twitter bio. You have 160 characters. Make it keyword-centric. Add hashtags.
  • Do put your location and website address. This is a free billboard and listing and it helps with SEO.
  • Don’t be a pest. Yes, you want to connect with people, but people will stop following you if you message them too much as well as over tagging or mentioning them.
  • Do use images. They are more eye-catching than just text and links.

Twitter Tips, Updates & News:

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