Types of Facebook Users – Which one are you? [Infographic]

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Just like there are different types of Twitter users, there are different types of Facebook users.

This infographic by enlightenmentmedia.com identifies 16 types of Facebook users.

Types of Facebook users - infographic

Did you notice that no one is “Sharer”? 

Comments and likes are nice – they do help with popularity and getting more exposure. However, what you really want is “social amplification” – when someone shares your post with their friends. That increases your reach – how many people who are logged in to Facebook that see your post. The more people who have the potential to see you post, the greater the chances that someone will click on the link or take some action.

That’s the challenge on Facebook. You have to post content that your fans — the folks that have liked your page — will want to share with their friends. Sometimes it takes talking to someone outside of your company to figure out what’s going to work. It really helps if you’ve identified your target market’s persona. This free workbook will help – click here to download it.

It’s important that you check your page’s insights every month. That will tell you which types of posts your fans liked and engaged with the most. It’s also important that you have a strategy planned out for each network. Each network is different – different types of users and different cultures.

It’s crucial that you learn how to properly engage with people on these networks.

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