Understanding the Social Media Networks

Understanding the Social Media NetworksDoes social media seem overwhelming to you? Do you really understand how the networks work? You may already have a Facebook page or Linkedin account, but you’re not getting any leads or traffic to your website. If this is the case, you may not really understand the differences between the platforms and how each one ‘drives’ differently. Let’s check out how each platform does drive by comparing them to cars.

This video will help you understand the social media networks.

Linkedin – Professionals use this network, they drive luxury cars, and members have the highest disposable income – approx. 110k per year.

Facebook – Used by all sorts of people and is compared to an SUV. The largest social media network, there is something for everyone here.

Twitter – Is like driving a sports car. Fast paced, speedy, newsy – this network needs constant feeding to keep it going. News no longer breaks, it tweets!

Pinterest – A graphic bulletin-board platform where women are 80% of its users – half of the have kids. They drive mini vans, are the ‘soccer moms,’ and have the second highest income after Linkedin.

Google+ – The network of heavy lifting – the pick-up truck. As it’s owned by Google, anything posted public is indexed in the Google search engine immediately. Hence making Google+ an essential tool for SEO.


It’s vital that you learn how to use the social media networks properly if you want your business to succeed in the current market. Keep in mind, the benefits of using social media marketing are huge, here’s what it can do for you:

  • Position yourself as an expert in your field
  • Gain exposure for you and your business – it’s the new word of mouth
  • Social amplification
  • Lead generation and increases website traffic
  • Gets you on the 1st page of Google (if done properly)!
  • Reduces your marketing costs – the networks are free!

For the best results, keep in mind that each network needs to be set up correctly, optimized with keywords for SEO and linked to your website. It takes a bit of time to build your following and to learn how to use each network. And yes, you need a presence on all of them!

If all of this seems overwhelming to you AZ Social Media Wiz can help! From setting up your Facebook, Google + and Twitter accounts to teaching you how to use these platforms, AZ Social Media Wiz works with clients and trains them at their own pace.

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