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It never fails. As soon as I start prepping to present a class on social media, the networks change something. This week, not just one, but 4 networks had significant announcements and social media marketing news. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have new features or are launching something soon. Plus, there’s a new video app to compete with Snapchat and TikTok.

Facebook Launches Hobbi

Facebook just launched Hobbi — a mobile app where you can document and save your hobbies and DIY projects. Similar to Pinterest, but just for hobbyists. If you cater to hobbyists, crafters, and DIYers, this is something you should look into.

Pinterest News

Pinterest launched “Pinterest Trends” to make it easy to find what will be trending and what’s currently popular. The idea here is use this tool to plan ahead. We’re not even out of February and summer outfits and pool party ideas are trending! You can search for relevant trends for your business and make sure you take advantage of what interests people.

Remember, Pinterest is keyword-centric. You get 500 characters when you pin a picture or video and in your board descriptions. Use the space!

Twitter News

Recently, Twitter acquired Chroma Labs. It’s a separate app to help people create stories to use on Instagram and Facebook. Look for Twitter to be adding a stories feature in the near future.

(Interesting how the networks are competing against each other for users’ attention.)

Remember that Twitter started out in 2007, as cell phone texting that evolved to the Internet. Then they added the ability to add pictures, graphics and animated gifs. They later bought Vine and Periscope to offer videos both live and prerecorded. Periscope actually beat Facebook to live broadcasting.

Vine Relaunches as Byte

Look out Snapchat and TikTok! Here comes Byte! Byte is a relaunch of Vine (mentioned above). It’s a mobile video app. It’s so new so we don’t know who its audience will be. If you do videos, don’t forget Byte!

LinkedIn adds a New Feature

LinkedIn is rolling out the new “Featured” feature for your personal profile. You can link to a video, post, article website or slideshow. Moreover, this helps with establishing you as an expert. “Rolling out” means that not everyone will see it at once. If you’ve added a video, slideshow, or PDF to your “About” section already, you probably have this feature now.

Look for this new section under your “About” section and if you click on the “+”, you can add posts, articles, and links to your website! WooHoo! This helps with SEO! The key here is to change this often so it’s fresh! Yes, something else to remember. It’ll be like pinning your latest blog articles to Pinterest. It creates a legit backlink to your website. Remove outdated stuff, too!

What You Need to Do to take Advantage of this Social Media Marketing News

While Twitter stories is somewhere in the future (join my email list so you don’t miss the latest social media news and tips), you should implement some of these new features right away. Especially, the new LinkedIn “featured” section. So, update both your strategic and tactical plans, now.

If you need help figuring out how you can implement these your click here to schedule a free 15-minute phone consult and review of your marketing efforts.

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