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Testing, testing, 1, 2. Everyone is “rolling out” or “testing” new features. Rolling out means that not everyone will see the new feature at the same time. If you’re delving into social media marketing, you need to keep up with this stuff.

Sometimes you’re just surprised. Like when I opened TweetDeck and wanted to add a column and there it was, the “What’s Trending” column. I wrote about that in this post.

And LinkedIn is revamping their groups.

If you have a WordPress website, you may have noticed this in your dashboard:

WordPress Install GutenbergIt’s the new Gutenberg editor, named after the inventor of the printing press. DON’T install it yet! It may break your website. It’s still in the testing stages. It has LOTS of BUGS. It will be similar to the drag-and-drop site builders. At some point, all WordPress sites will have it automatically. Be patient. I’m working with Kerry Townsend from SonFisher Web Studios. He, at some point, will install it on my site. I will play with it and learn how it works and we’ll both be offering services to install it and train you on how to use it.

What’s New with Facebook

Email Marketing & Ecommerce

MailChimp and PayPal have joined together to offer “Business in a Box“.

The Business in a Box program goes a step further, pulling together everything an entrepreneur needs to start and grow their online business—all in one place.


If you’re a B2C company, you’re using Pinterest. You may have noticed some changes in how you “pin” pictures and videos — now called “sharing”. It’s easier. Yay! (Anything that takes less clicks it good.)

And they’ve improved on the “recommended pins”, which helps with greater exposure. So, it’s important that when you pin pictures and videos, use hashtags and keywords so your pins will come up on related searches. Make sure your boards are in the right categories. You have 500 characters in the descriptions — use the space!

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Google is rolling out new featured snippets with expandable subtopics. This is why it’s important to blog regularly and answer frequently asked questions (FAQs). You want to come up when people are searching not just for what you have to offer, but now for related searches.

Social Media Marketing Tips

I couldn’t have written these better myself!

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