What’s Your Story? How to Blog for Business Success

What's Your Story? How to Blog for Business Success

Everyone–and every business–has a story to tell. Our personal stories help us reflect and understand our lives; our company story can do the same for our business. Starting a blog that shares our company story means a willingness to overcome the hurdles in our way: time, learning curve, fear of failure. We’ve all started something and then had to step away before it was finished.

But what if your business blog was not a chore, but an asset? 

As Mikal E. Belicove points out in the video below, how the benefits of business blogging far outweigh the hurdles. When you blog you…

  • Control the message about your business that your clients see
  • Share your news at your own pace
  • Shape content to fit what your clients need to know
  • Add personality that distinguishes you from your competitors
  • It’s pretty much free — it just takes a little sweat equity
  • Solve potential customers‘ problems and pain points
  • Keep visitors on your website longer, hence, helping with SEO
  • Give Google the fresh, relevant content that it seeks
  • Answer the questions potential customers are asking
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field or industry
  • Build trust and credibility

People buy from whom they know and trust.

So What’s Holding you Back?

  • Don’t think you have enough stories? Create hypothetical situations. “Don’t let this happen to you!”
  • Can’t blog? I can teach you how to blog on WordPress in an hour.
  • Can’t write? Can you talk? Try videos or podcasts. Embed them in a blog article then use the script as the text for the blog

Testimonials are not enough. Tell the stories behind the testimonials.

  • What was the customers’ problem?
  • How did you solve it?
  • Is it a problem that other people might have?

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