Testimonials & Recommendations

These are some Testimonials the AERO Program and LinkedIn:

Giselle is very skilled at what she does and is a pleasure to work with. I was able to communicate with her easily and she understood my project well. I love the artwork and carousels she developed with my content and photos and I am seeing a positive difference in my social media campaigns already.

Tammy roecker, Arizona school of medical massage therapy and wellness

Giselle at AZ Social Media Wiz has been amazing in so many ways… so great to work with! She built our website on WordPress, optimize the pages for SEO and has helped us better manage our social media with tools she helped set up. We have already seen an increase of calls! This is the second time I hired her for a job and I look forward to working with her on many other projects! Thank you Giselle for your patience and for helping me to be a better marketer.

Malissa Stawicki, Natural Medicine & Detox

It was a pleasure working with Giselle. She is very knowledgeable and gave some great advice. She also kept her appointments when scheduled, which seems to be an issue with other companies these days! Lol
I would definitely recommend Giselle.

Tom Lukes, Europay USA

I have been working with Giselle throughout the pandemic to bring content to the ACA Small Business Bootcamp. Giselle’s bootcamp presentations have been excellent and on point. Her knowledge of SEO and Social Media has been very helpful to many small businesses in Arizona.

Robert Theobald , MBA, Small Business Ombudsman, Arizona Commerce Authority

AZ Social Media Wiz, indeed! I have had the pleasure of working with Giselle for our small business programming efforts at the Arizona Commerce Authority over the course of 9 months. In those 9 months, Giselle has provided the AZ small business community with numerous presentations, consultations, and mentoring opportunities. Her dedication to helping small businesses thrive is incredible and evident in her flexibility to meet small businesses where they are digitally and helping them see what improvements to make and how. Giselle and her expertise have been an asset to our small business programming efforts and so many individual small businesses returning from the COVID crisis stronger than ever.

V. Faith Ritchie, Small Business Programs Manager, Arizona Commerce Authority

Giselle is a creative content and digital marketing consultant and an excellent trainer in those areas, and she is a published author. I have been fortunate to work with Giselle – she is professional and takes time to ensure the concept and process is understood. Giselle’s background is from several industry sectors, which allows her to bring a diversified plan to all projects.

Madeline Parisi, Phoenix Public Library

Giselle was great to work with for my social media strategy. When I first met with her she gave me excellent tips on how to make my website better. When I met with Giselle again, she walked me through on how to optimize my blog and podcast for SEO. Giselle took me step by step through the process with helps tips. She has so much knowledge in this area. She makes the information very plain and clear. If you are struggling as an entrepreneur in this area, I would HIGHLY recommend you contact Giselle.

Cerila Gailliard, PMP, CSM, Orchestrating Your Success (OYS) LLC

I recently took two, one-hour live tutorials from Giselle Aguiar on Skype.  I was an absolute, know-nothing novice at SEO and Social Media. Giselle was a dream to work with – patient and very knowledgeable. Instead of simply explaining, or having me watch while she did things, she had me click all the buttons and links and do each operation on my computer, while she pointed the way. I learn best by doing, and it worked. After her tutorials I was able to successfully SEO over 50 articles in my blog and post them on social media. Social Media WIZ is a very apt description of Giselle Aguiar.

Alan Tarr, Write Like a Madman

“I have been working with Giselle as part of SCORE Phoenix’s Social Media strategy for over a year. I find her insightful and energetic and a good compliment to traditional marketing resources. In reviewing her contribution to our efforts, she is understanding how you can get the best ROI on your Social Media efforts. I am glad to find her on “our side” as we build and advance our strategy forward!”

Pete Mier, Chair, SCORE Phoenix Marketing Committee

“Giselle’s guidance is quite intense and in depth. Undertake working with her when you are prepared to follow through with her step by step approach to conquering social media challenges with respect to growing your business. This is what she recommends, as your utilization of her personalized advice, requires follow through on your part.”

Corinne Cain, President at SavvyCollector.com

“I recommend taking one of Giselle’s classes on social media!” 

Dierk Seeburg, M.S., C.L.P.M.

“Giselle has been fabulous in regards to helping me with my business her business acumen and her experience with social media marketing is bar none the best.”

GWEN HOLMES, BSN, RN, Cranial Sacral Therapist

“I gladly give my strongest recommendation for Giselle Aguiar of AZ Social media Wiz and the creative work she does. I started a brand new unique business from scratch and Giselle guided me through the social media jungle. When all was said and done we come up 1st organically on Google searches as well as having a solid presence on all of the significant sites. I found Giselle to be thoughtful, dependable and committed to my success. Thanks for your efforts Giselle.”

Steve Wilk, Owner, Simply Smashing Rage Room

“I would highly recommend Giselle for your social media strategist and trainer. I was most impressed with her knowledge, clarity of explanation, and patience. She has the ability to communicate concepts in different ways for her students greater understanding and retention. I plan to sign up for her online courses. I hope that YOU will as well!”

Amy Kraft, BoomerPlus® & Corporate Wellness Matters™

“I have been taking her social media boot camp is has been a great experience. It has been such a well thought out program all the classes are set out in a great order that it just falls into place. I have gained so much information and so many great skills that I would be very confident in doing my own social media and maybe some small businesses. I see such a great future with anyone with some solid skills in this field. AZ Social Media Wiz! Giselle is such a great and thorough facilitator.”

Todd Jenrick, Recovery Coach

“Giselle is always on the top of her game and a head of the curve. I love working with her and having her as a strategic partner. She is so friendly and resourceful and a need to know gal!”

Taylor Wellmen, Co-owner, Financial Potion Video Services

“Giselle is a straight shooting social media wizard with a higher calling to serve others. She teaches, hand-holds, affirms and encourages those around her to stretch toward a higher goal for each person’s business. She continues to be an asset to myself and many others. Talk to her, you’ll soon see!”

Kerry Townsend, Web Designer, Sonfisher Web Studios

“Giselle is personable and highly qualified in her field. I found her easy to work with in a range of subjects.”

Dameon Cox, Author

“Giselle is a dynamic, passionate, and extremely knowledgeable social media guru who keeps her finger on the pulse of the rapid evolution of social media. My first contact with Giselle was attending her Social Media Marketing seminar at a SCORE small business summit, then continuing with a one-on-one coaching session, then a webinar. My wife also attended a WordPress class she co-taught with one of her knowledgeable associates. All our experiences have been exceptional. She knows her stuff and knows how to teach it to others. Thanks for taking a newbie under your wing!”

Ray Madaghiele, Strategic Planning Facilitator

“I took Giselle’s Social Media Marketing class at Phoenix College and I’ve truly enjoyed this class! The practical application and real world experience Giselle shares is invaluable. Her passion for this topic, expertise, and the level of research and information she teaches on current trends and data for this industry is great. I’ve seen an improvement in my business as well as in my local community volunteering. If you are looking to improve or step into the world of social media marketing, I highly recommend this class as well as AZ Social Media Wiz to help you out!”

Jennifer Nelson, Owner, LoveThe Skin You’re In!

“I have had the pleasure of hearing her speak twice, once at a Score seminar and then at the symposium. I want to thank her, I am new to owning a business, and getting and keeping our company in the public’s eye is so important. Thanks for showing us how with very little money. Her speeches are always enthusiastic and I’m keeping my eye out for your future seminars.”

Susan Colby, Owner at A Helping Hand PRN LLC

“If you are looking to dive into the social media world and don’t want to waste your time with companies that promise results but can’t deliver, you need to experience the knowledge and professionalism of Giselle Aquiar. She is a tremendous trainer and possesses unlimited knowledge of “social media”. Thanks Giselle!”

Michael Spanton, Senior Consultant at EMAX Exhibits

“Giselle is a great teacher. I had a Social Media boot camp with Giselle in the Summer of 2014. She provided so much information into those 16 hours that I knew I had to learn more. I took her social media class at Phoenix College and I think it was the best investment I have ever made in my career. She helped me launch my own business by creating a website and blog and developing a social media strategy using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube. I highly recommend Giselle for her patience, professionalism, and for sharing her knowledge.”

Norma Salas, Public Relations Specialist

“I attended a class at SCORE instructed by Giselle and was amazed by her knowledge. She presented the information in a format that was understandable to the inexperienced in social media. I have attended several similar classes, but by far learned more from hers. I look forward to having some one-on-one instruction from Giselle in the near future.”

Penny Brookins, Admin./Marketing Director at Inspection Specialists

“As someone new to the world of social media, Giselle really helped me get started in the right direction. Not only did she help set up all my accounts, she also taught me how to manage them. I was really impressed with all her knowledge of social media. The great thing is that she didn’t just do everything for me, she taught me how to do it. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to learn more about social media marketing. Thanks Giselle”

Chris Brew, CEO at Fun with Data, LLC Creator MyMtnofDebt

“Giselle provides one-stop services for your social media marketing plans. She offers up-to-date knowledge of all social media vehicles available for your marketing strategies. Have questions or need training? Giselle is there for you. She is consistent, reliable, and creative. I highly recommend her services.”

Kristin Cetone, Owner/Reading Specialist for Nuts About Reading

“Giselle is very knowledgeable in the field of social media and I would definitely recommend her. I have enjoyed working with her and am happy to be able to give her a recommendation!”

Deborah Vinci, President at Cool-it Caddy

“Giselle has helped my company, Scuba Professionals of Arizona, in optimizing our social media, content marketing and to build a WP based website. Giselle has consistently showed her knowledge and competence. She is quick but at the same time makes no mistakes. She has given us great results and good value. I can highly recommend Giselle!”

Fia Lindberg, Owner, Scuba Professionals of Arizona

“Giselle’s knowledge of all things social media is off the charts! Her background in building websites, blogging, and branding using social media tactics and strategies is tremendous. Through years of blogging and marketing for numerous companies and organizations, she has mastered the skills and techniques to effectively use social media for lead generation and conversion. Once set-up and linked, Giselle trains her clients through a step-by-step program to manage their own social media in less that 30 minutes a day. I highly recommend Giselle to any business that wants to engage more customers, build their brand, and add value to their customers and prospects.”

Diane Leifer, Realtor at Realty Executives

“Giselle is extremely knowledgeable about social media and presents information that even a novice can understand. She can also speak to more savvy users and help them get to the next level. Giselle is very pleasant and likable.”

Chris Long, Marketing Manager at Burch & Cracchiolo, P.A.

“Giselle was great at helping me combine all my social media platforms. She made the tech easy to understand and helped me integrate it into my daily business. She is also a great educator and teacher. I recommend her to all my friends and business partners for their social media.”

Ted Greene, Legal Shield

“Giselle organized all my social media, coordinated with my branding, set up my WordPress and delivered it to me in a tidy package. Then she explained it all to me and the next day – I was off to the races. If you’re serious about getting started, even with a tight budget – call Giselle and Prosper!”

Ric Felder, Entrepreneur

“Giselle Aguiar is an experienced and respected professional who brings added value to a broad range of community groups and business entities utilizing her excellent online Marketing experience and especially her utilization of diverse social media resources. Giselle is an innovative individual whose work is of the highest professional quality providing marketing consultation, development and visual presentations with excellence and freshness as she is consistently able to assess and exceed her clients’ needs. I have and continue to recommend Giselle Aguiar to clients and contacts who I know will benefit from her cost-effective value-added to their mission.”

Chet Provorse, Communications, Photography, Human Services & Training Professional

“Being interested in learning about the various components of social media, I have attended several of the “Social Media Marketing Meet-up” sessions by Giselle. She can present a great deal of information in a limited time, and in an organized way, which is easy to understand. Also, when I’ve asked questions on specific things, she’s advised me appropriately so I can accomplish what is needed. I highly recommend Giselle as a social media strategist/trainer/consultant.”

Diane Delander, Vocal Coach

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