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To be successful in marketing your business in today’s world, you have to clearly define your target market – find your niche.

Who is Your Target Market?

target market

Because of social media and online channels, today, you have more marketing choices than ever before. The challenge is that each of these channels and networks have different cultures and user demographics. Hence, you need to get to know your perfect customer and put yourself in their shoes.

The reason we do this is that you talk to a 35 year-old male differently than you talk to a 55 year-old woman. Other factors are education, tech savviness, location, interests, education, income, family, etc.

  • What are they going to enter in the Google search box to find your product or service?
  • What types of blog posts are you going to write that will entice a potential customer to click on a link and go to your site?
  • What type of content from trusted sources are you going to share that would be of interest to your target market?
  • What call-to-action will be effective in converting a visitor into a lead?

You have to answer these and many other questions before you can even start marketing online and offline.

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