1:1 Customized Digital Marketing Training

Are you overwhelmed with all the digital marketing choices? Online marketing in today’s world is complex if not complicated. Customized digital marketing training is what you need!

First, you don’t have to be on EVERY social media network! Additionally, you don’t need to be paying a company thousands of dollars a month to help you rank on Google.

which social media network?
I’ll help you determine which platforms & networks to use so you don’t waste time, effort, and money!

Obviously, just posting to Facebook or Instagram is NOT marketing. Having an X (formerly Twitter) account and not posting regularly is NOT marketing. Actually, that hurts you more than it helps. Remember, it’s your online reputation. Don’t you think it’s time your marketing efforts were effective?! Besides that, since the pandemic, how to best reach your target audience has changed. Clearly, now is the time to invest in training, learning, and tutoring…

Would you like to learn how to use social media more effectively to communicate with your potential customers and referral sources?

Would you like your company’s website to on Google when someone is searching for what you have to offer?

When You Become More Effective in Your Marketing You Will Gain:

SEO - search engine optimization. learn how to do your own SEO
SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Learn how to do your own SEO!
  • A Higher Ranking on Google (SEO)
  • More Reach on Social Media
  • Increased Visitors to Your Website
  • More Conversions – Turning Visitors into Leads or Sales
  • Marketing Success!

Plus, it’s a Brainstorming Session!

Get Help With:

Wordpress websites & blogging
  • Understanding how the social media networks work with your website.
  • How to do your own Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – using the Google Keyword Tool, content marketing, and social media posting.
  • Blogging Effectively on WordPress, as well as editing and managing your WordPress website.
  • Defining and Reaching YOUR Target Market(s) — and focus on the networks where THEY hang out.
  • Strategic & Tactical Marketing Planning — it will become less overwhelming when you have a written marketing plan to work off.
  • Using time-saving scheduling and automation tools like Sendible & Dlvr.it.
  • Producing and finding the right content to share — what works for you.


Please Click Here to Book Your 1-hr Session.

Please Click Here to Book Your 2-hr Training Session.

How it Works:

First, I’ll review your current website and social media profile pages. Then, we’ll talk about your target market niche. Next, we’ll discuss your goals for the next few months and your ideas. Finally, we’ll brainstorm some strategies that you can implement right away.

Coaching and tutoring are available for Facebook, X, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, WordPress blogging and editing, Sendible, social media analytics, content marketing, and strategic social media planning. Sorry, at this time, coaching on paid social media advertising, building a WordPress website, or Google Analytics is not offered.

Upon booking, you will receive an invoice via Square due upon receipt. When payment is received, you’ll get the links to the templates. Any overtime will be billed at $45/half-hour in intervals. If your session is canceled due to illness or an unexpected circumstance, payment may be applied to another session. No refunds for time not used. You’ll get the Zoom link when the session is booked.

Coaching Sessions Held Via Zoom

Using Zoom, you share your screen with me and I guide you through everything. Please have Zoom installed on your computer or make sure you have the latest updated version. Note: to share your screen you must have video enabled on your computer. Otherwise, I can demonstrate what you need to do. However, it’s better if you learn on your computer.

All sessions are recorded so you can view them later if you need to refer to them.

Compare with other online social media marketing coaching and training…

Very expensive online marketing classes
You can easily pay over $1500 for digital marketing classes online.

The problem with this is:

  • They are generic and they will be covering material that’s not pertinent to your business. Your sessions with me are 100% customizable to your business needs.
  • If done with a video or classroom-like setting, not everyone grasps technology quickly. I go at your speed.
  • Any printed or prerecorded material may be obsolete as the networks and Google are constantly changing. You can be assured of the most up-to-date information with me.

Just $75/hr $50/hr*

*Book by April 30, 2024!

Please Click Here to Book Your 1-hr Session.

Please Click Here to Book Your 2-hr Training Session.

Questions? Feel free to contact me.Save

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