Free Social Media and Digital Marketing Videos and Classes

Here are all my digital marketing videos and classes. Some are short how-to videos and some are full-length classes. I hope you learn what you need to know to help you be more effective with your digital marketing efforts.

How to Beat Your Competition Online

How to Use Hashtags Effectively

How to Get Results & Reap the Benefits of YouTube Video Marketing

How to Create Effective Content that Works for Digital Marketing

The Magic Formula for Digital Marketing Success!

How to Rank on Google for Great SEO!

How to Use TweetDeck to Manage Twitter!

How to Use the Google Keyword Tool

Improve Your LinkedIn Personal Profile

Optimize Your LinkedIn Business Page

How to Transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Digital Marketing Forecast & Trends for 2023

Master Instagram Marketing

Social Media Marketing 101 — the Basics

5 Reasons Why Your Marketing is Failing

Unleash the Power of Pinterest Marketing

Planning Your Digital Marketing Part 1: Social Media

Planning Your Digital Marketing Part 2: Your Website

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