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Digital Marketing and Social Media News You Can Use to Boost Your Sales – April 2021

Digital marketing strategies

Digital Marketing changes constantly. It’s a bear for me to keep up with it, never mind the small business owner like yourself. Given that, every second Saturday, at 10:30 AM, MST (Arizona), I’ll be live on Zoom and YouTube. I’ll

5 Tips to Increase Engagement on Social Media [Infographic]

5 Tips to Increase Engagement on Social Media

Followers on social media are good, but engagement is better. Likes are good, but shares are better. There’s no doubting the fact that social media usage has increased tremendously in 2020. It’s insufficient to just post on social media and

How to Keep your Digital Marketing Going if you get Busy

if you're juggling business tasks, don't let marketing fall through the cracks!

Running your own business is tough. You get busy juggling different tasks and wearing different hats. However, if you let the marketing ball drop, you will see business drop. And you don’t want that. If you’re like me, a “solopreneur”

How to hold a Twitter Chat with a #Hashtag

How to Use Hashtags to Market Your Business on Social Media

Twitter is a real-time marketing tool. Understanding this is key in learning how to use it effectively to promote your business. You have to realize that it’s not about self-promotion, but offering information that is of interest to your target

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