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Best Time to Post on Social Media [Infographic]

Best time to post on social mediaOne of the greatest conundrums of today’s marketing is what’s the best to post on social media to get the best response and engagement?

Though the infographic from Quicksprout below gives some tips on the best time to post on social media – specifically on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+, it really depends on the type of business, content and the target market.

The best way to know is by reviewing your insights and analytics monthly. They will tell you which posts got the most engagement: likes, shares, clicks and comments. Your website statistics will tell you which blog posts were the most popular. What time did you post them?

Keep in mind that social media is up 24/7. Users have different habits. It will take a little research using sites like for statistical and demographic data.Book your free 30-minute phone consult

The more you get to your target market, fans and following, the more accurately you can provide the content that they want to see and share.

This infographic is just a guideline on the Best Time to Post on Social Media. Your best guideline will be your analytics and insights.


Best time to post on social media




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