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Video: How to Survive Twitter: Manage it with TweetDeck

How to Use TweetDeck to manage Twitter and save time

TweetDeck is a free tool by Twitter for Twitter. It helps you manage your Twitter account easily, see who’s followed, retweeted or mentioned you, create lists to monitor competition, monitor hashtags and most importantly, schedule tweets to post in the

What’s going to be Trending on Social Media in June…

What'll be trending on social media in June 2019

Soon, June will be busting out all over social media. As businesses are reopening and the economy starts coming back to life, now’s the time to take advantage of what’s going to be trending in June to plan your social

What Will be Trending on Social Media in February

February Trending

It’s hard to believe we’re at the end of the first month of the new year! Now’s the time to plan for next month! Here’s what’s going to be trending (besides the obvious Valentines Day) in February. These are just

Plan Ahead: What will be Trending in January on Social Media

January 2021 trending on social media

Besides, the COVID-19 pandemic, who will be sitting in the Oval Office on January 20th and the COVID vaccine, here are some January Awareness and Observance Days that will probably be trending on Twitter. You can also expect anything dealing

How to take Advantage of what’s Trending on Twitter

Does the ratio of Twitter followers to following matter?

Yeah, some people may “hate Twitter”, but it is a great tool to get exposure. People hate Twitter because they don’t understand Twitter. Twitter is like a never-ending news ticker. It’s what happening right now in real-time. At any given

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