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How the Right Copywriting on Your Website & Social Media Can Improve Results

website copywriting is important for results

It’s extremely frustrating when you have what you think is a great website, yet you’re not getting conversions. That is, visitors aren’t staying, they aren’t clicking on your offer, they aren’t buying. Whatever you’re doing to attract and drive visitors

From Lead Generation to Lead Capturing – the Role of the Website

From Lead Generation to Lead Capturing – the Role of the Website

I’ve heard many complaints like, “I’m on social media, but it doesn’t work.” Usually, when I dig deeper, I find that they’re just not using it properly. More than likely, their lead generation system is not set up correctly or

Email Marketing Still Works! Here’s What You Need to Know…

Email Marketing Still Works! Here's What You Need to Know...

Email marketing is still one of the most effective methods of reaching current and potential customers. However, its effectiveness depends on several factors. Here are some metrics to watch for as well as some strategies to incorporate. Email Open Rate

What are the Most Effective Methods for Successful Lead Conversion?

effective marketing channels for lead conversion

A recent study by Ascend2 is Building Relationships for Lead Conversion. During the week of June 8, 2020, they surveyed 263 marketing professionals and they came up with interesting results. Actually, it’s not surprising to me as this is what I write and

Cold Calling is Dead…How to get Warm Leads

Cold Calling is Dead...How to get Warm Leads

Back in the day, I used to sell fax machines when they first came out. I literally went door-to-door in office buildings telling people of this new technology that sent a document magically through the phone line. That was cold

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