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The Importance of Focusing on What Your Target Market Wants

The Ford Edsel was what Ford wanted to sell not what consumer wanted to buy.

A mistake many marketers make is jumping into blogging and posting or advertising on social media without considering who their target market is and what they want or need. It’s crucial that you think about the customer and not on

How to do Market Research Your Target to Get Good Results in Your Marketing

target market

Whenever I’m over on Quora looking for questions that people are asking regarding digital marketing, I always see someone complaining that their marketing or advertising on Facebook or Google isn’t working. Many blame the platform. Hint: It’s not the platform’s

To Pay or Not to Pay: When You Should Start Spending Money Marketing

To Pay or Not to Pay: When You Should Start Spending Money Marketing

Usually when someone asks me if they should do paid advertising or otherwise spending money marketing, I tell them — do everything I teach you for 3 months organically (non-paid). Then look at your analytics and see what’s working and

What are the Most Effective Methods for Successful Lead Conversion?

effective marketing channels for lead conversion

A recent study by Ascend2 is Building Relationships for Lead Conversion. During the week of June 8, 2020, they surveyed 263 marketing professionals and they came up with interesting results. Actually, it’s not surprising to me as this is what I write and

The Magic Formula for Online Marketing Success

Online marketing has had to adapt this year. With the whole COVID-19 pandemic, all businesses have been affected in one way or another. Some, just because of their nature, have seen increased business. Many have had to adapt and adjust

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