12 Branding Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Now!

12 Branding Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Now!

One thing small business owners need to understand is that everything they do online: website, social media pages, Google listings, everything is how people see your business. I see so many business owners make the same Branding Mistakes over and

How to Use Branding and Color for Your Online Image

your brand

Branding in today’s digital age is way more than just having a nice logo, a catchy tag line and a pretty website. I’ve been doing Internet marketing since 1995 and I’ve seen lots of “brands” come and go — some

You Need to Know How to Establish Your Brand in Social Media

How to Use #Branding and Color for Your Online Image

What does your brand — or image say about you on social media? You are Your Brand! Whether you like it or not, you are part of your brand. Especially if you’re a consultant, service provider, designer or professional anything.

What Does Your Online Image Say About You?

online image

Does your online image say “expert in your field”? Or does it say, “Doesn’t know what they’re doing!”? You might that think social media is not really important, but it actually is. The consumer is searching for information when they

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