5 Tips for Getting Traffic to Your Website

How to Grow a True Social Media Following that will Help your Business

You’ve built your website. It’s gorgeous. Now how do you get people to visit it? Better yet, how do you get potential customers to visit it? Getting traffic to your website takes effort including creating compelling content regularly, like blogs and videos, and being active in social media. First you need to clearly define your… Read more 5 Tips for Getting Traffic to Your Website

Should I have a Blog on my Website?

How Much Should a New Business Budget for Marketing?

You can word this question however you want: Should you have a blog on your website? It’s asked hundreds of times. My answer? Absolutely! If you don’t have a blog on your website, you’re missing out on the main means of keeping the Google search engine happy. The more fresh, original content that you create… Read more Should I have a Blog on my Website?

Video: An Overview of WordPress


WordPress is a content management program for websites, blogging & creating great content to help you promote your business and get you on the first page of Google search. In this overview video, I explain the importance of content marketing and how to use WordPress to make blogging easier. Google still is number 1 when… Read more Video: An Overview of WordPress

Why I Prefer WordPress

Back in 1995, I discovered the World Wide Web. I learned how to write HTML code and I launched my business, Creative Eye Marketing, in Miami, FL. Back then, if someone who didn’t know code, tried to edit their website, it was very easy for them to totally mess it up by accidentally deleting one… Read more Why I Prefer WordPress