Can your Facebook Page Initially Serve as your Website?

It seems like everybody’s on Facebook! However, even though Facebook provides free business profile pages, should you use that as your only online marketing tool? And what about other social media platforms like YouTube or LinkedIn?

Yes, your Facebook or other social media page can serve as a website, but I don’t recommend it.

Here’s why…

  • You’re limited on what you can enter in the “about” section of your Facebook or Social Media page — not so on a website where you have unlimited space.
  • It’s not your platform – it’s Facebook’s or YouTube or LinkedIn. You are just “renting” their space for free and you have to follow their rules. Your website is yours you have complete control.
  • Your website has several roles:
    • Information on your business
    • Blog articles that generate leads
    • A Call-To-Action that captures leads — your 24/7 salesperson
  • Though Google respects social media sites and links that you post on the social networks do help with search engine optimization (SEO), they’re not indexed in the Google search engine like posts from Twitter or blog articles that lead directly to your website.
  •  A website looks way more professional. It enhances your online image and builds trust and credibility.
  • With Facebook’s algorithm change in March 2018, they reduced the reach of posts from business pages giving more visibility to posts by individual users. Thus, it’s more difficult to build a following organically.
  • Social media profile pages should be extensions of your website. Their purpose is to drive people to your site where you have a better chance to convert a visitor to a lead or a sale.

What if You’re a Startup and on a Tight Budget?

However, if you’re just starting out and your website is not finished, yes, Facebook or another network can serve as your primary introduction to your business for a short time. I wouldn’t keep it that way for more than a month. Create a free blog/site. That’s a better solution and then you can easily export your blog posts when your self-hosted website is finished.

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Can your Facebook Page Initially Serve as your Website?

Giselle Aguiar

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