Can your Facebook Page Initially Serve as your Website?

Can our Facebook page initially serve as our website?

Yes, your Facebook page can serve as a website, but I don’t recommend it. Here’s why.

  • You’re limited on what you can enter in the “about” section of your Facebook page – not so on a website.
  • It’s not your platform – it’s Facebook’s. You are just “renting” their space for free. Your website is yours you have complete control.
  • Your website has several roles:
    • Information on your business
    • Blog articles that generate leads
    • A Call-To-Action that captures leads
  • Though Google respects Facebook and links that you post on Facebook help with search engine optimization (SEO) they’re not indexed in the Google search engine like posts from Google+ and Twitter.
  •  A website looks way more professional.

Though, if you’re just starting out and your website is not finished, yes, Facebook can serve as your primary introduction to your business for a short time. I wouldn’t keep it that way for more than a month. Creating a free blog/site may be a better solution and then you can export your blog posts when your website is finished.

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