How Much Should a New Business have in their Marketing Budget?

startup marketing budget

Marketing is an essential function of any business who wants to draw new customers. Whether B2B or B2C, you have to promote your business so people know you exist — you need a marketing budget. Today’s marketing is way more

What You Need to do Now for a Successful Holiday Sales Season!

Planning for successful holiday selling season

2020 so far has been “unprecedented”— that’s the phrase of the year — as will be this holiday sales and shopping season. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how people shop and it will change the 2020 holiday selling season. Forget

How the Supply Chain Crisis is the Challenge of the Holiday Season

logistics digital transformation

I recently wrote this investigative piece for SCORE Greater Phoenix and I thought I’d replicate it here. I started my business career in retailing right after college. I was preparing a webinar — the video is here — on preparing

What You Need to know to Plan Your Online Marketing for Success

What You Need to know to Plan Your Online Marketing for Success

This is one of my popular most popular classes and it’s a crucial one! This video will help you plan your online marketing — whether you’re a brand new startup or an established business who is pivoting and making adjustments

How Effective is Social Media for Generating Quality Leads?

How effective is social media for generating quality leads?

Very. When done properly. Social media can be very effective in generating quality leads. However, it takes planning, preparation, posting, participation, persistence, patience and perseverance. Yes, the 9 P’s of Social Media Marketing! A mistake that I see many companies

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