Giselle Aguiar

What Makes Good, Quality Content Marketing for Today

Get ready for 2021 by planning your content marketing strategy

One thing that hasn’t changed much in the last few years in content marketing is that Content is still King — and it still works! You need to do content marketing in your business if you want to… Drive more potential

Video: How to Survive Twitter: Manage it with TweetDeck

How to Use TweetDeck to manage Twitter and save time

TweetDeck is a free tool by Twitter for Twitter. It helps you manage your Twitter account easily, see who’s followed, retweeted or mentioned you, create lists to monitor competition, monitor hashtags and most importantly, schedule tweets to post in the

What is Social Media Marketing: What You Need to Know…

What is Social Media Marketing: What You Need to Know...

Social Media is here to stay! It has changed how the world communicates, how people shop and how businesses reach potential customers. It’s crucial for every business owner to understand how social media marketing works — even if you plan

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Pinterest for Your Business Marketing

Pinterest for Exposure and SEO

Pinterest is THE social media network if you’re trying to reach the consumer with products or services. Though it is more B2C than B2B, Pinterest is more powerful than Instagram when it comes to SEO because when someone pins a

What’s going to be Trending on Social Media in June…

What'll be trending on social media in June 2019

Soon, June will be busting out all over social media. As businesses are reopening and the economy starts coming back to life, now’s the time to take advantage of what’s going to be trending in June to plan your social

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