The Pinterest Difference

Pinterest-My-styleThe three most misunderstood social media networks are Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. In my video, Understanding the Social Media Networks, I liken the social networks to cars. Twitter is like a sports car – fast, newsy, it’s life in a 140 characters or less. Google+, because it’s Google’s social network, it’s the pick-up truck – get down to business – the more active you are on G+ the more Google will reward you with “Google juice” or a favorable ranking in their search engine.

Pinterest is the minivan. 80% of the users are women; half of the have kids. You want to reach soccer moms, they’re on Pinterest. But something that I call the “Pinterest Difference” is crucial for businesses to understand when trying to reach the average consumer – you catch them when they’re planning to spend money.

“One of the things we’re trying to figure out strategically is how to tap into consumers earlier in the inspiration or planning phase,” says David Doctorow, senior vice president of global marketing at Expedia, one of Pinterest’s charter advertisers. “We don’t have great ways to identify consumers in that part of the journey.” ~ Forbes Magazine

People turn to Pinterest when they’re planning for a baby, wedding, vacation, redecorating and remodeling. They check the latest styles and trends in fashion, color, home decor, hairstyles, technology and you name it! And they go there for ideas and tips for crafts, decorations, weight-loss, diets, recipes, parties and inspirations, motivations, and solutions to their problems.

Check out these facts:

  • During the 2013 holiday season Pinterest accounted for nearly a quarter of all social sharing activity. Among social networks, only Facebook, with its 1.3 billion users, drives more traffic to Web publishers.
  • Pinterest users are more likely to share product links and make big purchases than users of other social platforms.

“If Facebook is selling the past and Twitter the present, Pinterest is offering the future.”

Think about that. On Facebook, people post pictures of what they were doing or what they did. Twitter is real-time marketing – it’s what’s happening now. What’s trending at 9 am probably won’t be the same even 5 minutes later.

My-Bucketlist-PinterestPeople plan things on Pinterest like their Bucket List

Pinterest is for planners. Search for terms like bridal, bucket list, places to visit, and you’ll get more than enough things to choose from.

That quote from the guy from Expedia says it all. There is no where else where you can reach consumers “earlier in the inspiration or planning phase.”

That is the Pinterest Difference.

Before you dive in, you need two plans – a strategic one and a tactical one. With out them, you will be swimming in a huge sea of pictures and videos wasting time, money and effort with little results.