What’s going to be Trending on Social Media in June…

Soon, June will be busting out all over social media. As businesses are reopening and the economy starts coming back to life, now’s the time to take advantage of what’s going to be trending in June to plan your social media posts and content.

I publish this every month so you can plan ahead how you can “spin” your marketing message to take advantage of what’s trending on social media — mostly Twitter. It helps with exposure and SEO.


These are just some of the observance and awareness days. For the full list, visit these sites:

These calendars offer some links to details on the observances that might help you if you’re blogging.

How to use this list:

Peruse the list and take note of any interesting days or awareness/observances that relate to your business or is fun or generic enough that you can spin your marketing message around it. Get creative and have fun! Write a blog post and schedule it out to go on that day.

The months’ observances usually trend (lots of people are talking about it) in the first few days of the months. Weeks tend to trend on the Sunday or Monday and days start early in the morning depending if it’s a world/global observance or national. So, take time zones into consideration when scheduling. If you miss the first days of the month, even though it might not be “trending” at the time, publish a post anyway as long as it’s in the month of the observance.

Schedule out tweets using TweetDeck (updated!). And don’t forget those silly, but useful hashtags that trend on Twitter regularly!

Most of these observances will have hashtags. Be careful with apostrophes. Hashtags work with only with letters and numbers. As soon as you add a space or a symbol, it ends the hashtag.

What’s Going to be Trending on Social Media in June

June Month-long Observances:

  • National DJ Month
  • African-American Music Appreciation Month
  • National Zoo and Aquarium Month
  • Men’s Health Month
  • National Adopt a Cat Month
  • National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month
  • National Camping Month
  • National Country Cooking Month
  • National Dairy Month
  • Great outdoorsNational Great Outdoors Month
  • National Home Ownership Month
  • National Iced Tea Month
  • National Pollinators Month
  • National PTSD Awareness Month
  • National Safety Month
  • National Soul Food Month
  • Rose Month
  • Turkey Lovers Month
  • Hernia Awareness Month
  • Caribbean Heritage Month

Observance Weeks in June:

  • National Gardening Week – First Full Week
  • Sun Safety Week – First Week
  • National Fishing and Boating Week – Begins First Full Weekend
  • National Little League Week – Second Week
  • Headache Awareness Week – Second Week
  • National Nurse Assistants Week – Second Thursday of the Second Full Week
  • American FlagNational Flag Week – Week of June 14
  • National Play Catch Week – Third Full Week
  • Men’s Health Week  – (Always ends on Father’s Day)
  • Universal Father’s Week – Third Week
  • Lightning Safety Awareness Week – Last Full Week

Observance Days in June:

1 – World Reef Awareness Day

National Heimlich Maneuver Day

National Go Barefoot Day

National Nail Polish Day

National Say Something Nice Day

National Pen pal Day

Stand for Children Day (International Children’s Day)

Global Day of Parents

2 – National Bubba Day

National Running Day

3 – National Egg Day

4 – National Cheese Day

National SAFE Day

National Hug Your Cat Day

national donut day

National Donuts Day

5 – Veggie Burger Day

National Trails Day

World Environment Day

Hunger Awareness Day

6 – D-Day

Higher Education Day

7 – National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

National Cancer Survivors Day

8 – National Best Friends Day

World Brain Tumor Day

10 – National Herbs and Spices Day

11 – Making Life Beautiful Day

Corn on the Cob Day

13 – National Children’s Day

12 – Red Rose Day

National Jerky Day

National Peanut Butter Cookie Day

National Loving Day

World Day Against Child Labor

13 – National Weed Your Garden Day

National Sewing Machine Day

National Career Nurse Assistants Day

14 – Flag Day

Army Birthday

World Blood Donor Day

National Children’s Day

15 – National Smile Power Day

Nature Photography Day

Global Wind Day

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2020

16 – National Fudge Day

International Day of the African Child

17 – National Eat Your Vegetables Day

18 – National Go Fishing Day

Autistic Pride Day

Flip Flop Day

19 – Juneteenth

Surfing the web

20 – Father’s Day

First Day of Summer – the Longest Day (Summer Solstice)

Giselle’s Birthday!

World Refugee Day 2020

International Surfing Day

21 – National Selfie Day

Arizona Day

Daylight Appreciation Day

National Seashell Day

Take Your Dog to Work Day

International Day of Yoga

World Humanist Day

22 – National HVAC Tech Day

26 – National Beautician’s Day

International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

27 – National Sunglasses Day

National PTSD Awareness Day

National Handshake Day

28 – World Insurance Awareness Day

29 – National Camera Day

30 – National Meteor Watch Day

Social Media Day – Yay!

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What’s going to be Trending on Social Media in June…

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