Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Pinterest for Your Business Marketing

The Pinterest Difference

Pinterest is THE social media network if you’re trying to reach the consumer with products or services. It’s grown to 500 Million + active monthly users!

Though it is more B2C than B2B, Pinterest is more powerful than Instagram when it comes to SEO because when someone pins a picture or video from your site, it takes the link with it. Thus, it helps tremendously with search engine optimization. Besides that, Pinterest is a powerful search engine — it’s a discovery channel. That said, it’s more like YouTube than Facebook!

Here’s my latest Pinterest webinar:

Yes! Even if you’re B2B, you can take advantage of Pinterest’s unique marketing power. Hey, I’ve got a Pinterest account and I save lots of business articles. Certainly, if you are an ecommerce business, you should pin all the products from your online store.

Travel is HOT!

Travel is hot right now on Pinterest as people plan their travel destinations.

I love seeing the travel industry picking up again. Plus, people, after hibernating after the pandemic, are anxious to get out and start traveling again. So, where do they go to plan their trip? Pinterest. Here they can pick destinations, hotels, tours, sightseeing places, venues for events, even restaurants, you name it!

See, Pinterest is where people plan how to spend their money. Additionally, it’s where people look to find answers to problems, and challenges, and get ideas, tips, encouragement, inspiration, and motivation. That’s the Pinterest Difference!

My Bucket List Board on Pinterest

Personally, I use it to plan my Bucket List items. As I research places to visit, see, and stay, I pin pictures and videos to the board. The links make it easy for me to book reservations and contact them with questions.

After the trip, I upload my pictures and add links to the places’ websites so other folks can benefit from my experience.

Pin Away!

What can you pin?

  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Pictures
  • Animated gifs
  • Blog article images

Remember, each pin takes the link with it. And even if someone saves the pin to one of their boards, it duplicates the link! That’s the SEO power that Instagram doesn’t give you.

It’s fun, free and easy! In that case, what are you waiting for? Set up your business account and pin everything from your website. Furthermore, don’t forget to verify your website with them so they will track clicks to and from your website.

Happy pinning!

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