B2B vs B2C Which Social Network Should You Use?

B2B or B2C or both? Which social media networks should you use?

Since each social network has a different audience, you need to consider the type of company you are to better reach you target market.

Is your company more Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C)?

Sometimes it can overlap. Simply put, if you sell more to businesses rather than directly to the end consumer, then you’re B2B. If you’re target is the average consumer, then B2C.

Here’s how the social networks breakdown when comes to B2B vs B2C:

  • B2B / B2C
  • Facebook: 40/60
  • LinkedIn: 80/20
  • Pinterest: 10/90
  • YouTube: 50/50
  • X (formerly Twitter): 50/50
  • Instagram: 10/90
  • TikTok: 0/100

In other words, if you’re B2B, LinkedIn along with Twitter (X) and YouTube should be your primary networks with Facebook as secondary (for paid ads) and maybe Pinterest if you have a lot of visuals and for SEO.

For B2C, your primary networks should be Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest with Twitter (X) and LinkedIn as secondaries for credibility, exposure and SEO. TikTok is a challenge though the audience is changing as more people join.

How to judge which social network is best for you

Social media marketing need not be overwhelming! I can help you get a grip on it!
Social media marketing need not be overwhelming! I can help you get a grip on it!

For 1 month, post and share content equally in all of them — including doing a video on YouTube once a week. Then at the end of the month, look at your website’s analytics to see which ones brought in the most traffic. You then need to adjust your strategic and tactical plans accordingly.

What if I’m Both?

If your target markets are both B2B & B2C, you need to decide what your breakdown is based on which brings in the majority of your income. Focus on the networks where you’re getting the most engagement, where the insights and demographics reflect your target market(s) and where you’re building valuable relationships. Remember, some B2B connections may be excellent referral sources. It really helps to have a good comprehensive strategic plan based on industry and market research.

Need help deciding which social media network to use? I can help.

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