What is a Blog and Why do I Need One for My Business to Succeed?

What is a Blog?

Blog is short for “web log”. Many people have them. They can be personal, casual blogs and then there are business blogs.

A personal blog can be by anyone writing about what interests them – food, hobbies, politics, travel, religion, pets, etc. It’s a way to get your “voice” heard.

For Business, however, it is…

“A collection of articles that provide helpful, valuable, educational, and remarkable content to your target audience. By providing value, blogs can easily and effectively draw prospects to your website.”


If you want more traffic, leads, and customers, then you need to blog.

Companies that blog get 25% more website traffic than those that don’t blog.

Companies that blog get 70% more LEADS than those that don’t blog.


The More Often You Blog, The More Traffic You’ll Attract to Your Website

Blogging 3x a week is the sweet spot
Blogging 3x a week is the sweet spot

It impacts Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – gives Google the fresh, quality, helpful, and relevant content it’s looking for, hence, you get found when people search for what you have to offer. Optimize content around keywords with the keyword research tool. As you blog, you build a “keyword footprint”. You’ll rank.

Engage with potential customers.

Blogs convert visitors into leads with conversion opportunities — calls-to-action (CTAs)

They establish your “thought leadership”. Blogging helps you build credibility and authority as a trusted source, and an expert in your field. Read: What is the New “E” in Google’s E-E-A-T?

If You Build it, They Will Come!

Blogging is a crucial part of inbound marketing success. But the content needs to be great and FRESH. If you provide great content and share it on your social media, you’ll get…

  • More social shares
  • More social followers
  • Inbound links
  • More traffic to your website
  • Better, quality leads
  • In the end, more conversions!

You must share your blog article — as soon as it’s published — to your social networks AND pin the picture(s) to Pinterest so it will help with SEO. Moreover, you can re-share it on social media — especially if it’s Evergreen Content — and repurpose it on LinkedIn. If you’re a local brick-and-mortar, post it to Google My Business also.

Write for Your Target Audience.

Free Download: Define Your Target Market Workbook

Know your audience and use language that they understand. Avoid using industry jargon and sounding too techie. You’re the expert, your target is not. Don’t write over peoples’ heads. Write for an 11-year-old.

Provide practical solutions, give advice, and educate your target. It’s about them not you! No hard selling!

Blogging Success Takes Time

It doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t expect it to! If you’re just starting out, you need to blog daily so Google will notice you — at least 5 times a week for the first 2 weeks. This will also give you content to interlink in subsequent articles.

If you need a WordPress blog or site setup, contact me. I can also help show you how easy it is to create a free blog on WordPress.com and how to blog effectively with the Gutenberg Editor. The free site is limited to what you can do and how you can customize it, but they can serve as a free website if you’re just starting out. (Can’t beat free!)

One last thing to remember, don’t overthink it. Have fun and write about what you know, love, and are passionate about! Tell stories! Talk to your target audience. If you need help deciding what type of content, what to blog about, and other overwhelming issues, let’s do a FREE 15-minute Zoom consult.

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