The Challenges of Marketing on Facebook & How to Overcome Them – Updated!

Love it or hate it, Facebook is the the number 1 social media network in the world!

Facebook, because of its algorithm change in March of 2018, made it increasingly difficult to grow a following organically — that is, without paying for advertising to get extra reach or likes.

Most businesses can’t afford to ignore Facebook, since it’s still the largest social media network with over 2.5 Billion monthly active users (MAUs) and 1.6 Billion daily active users (DAUs)*.

Graphic below from Social Media Today

Mind-boggling isn’t it?

Zuckerberg’s Goal for Facebook

The whole idea behind the changes on how you see content on Facebook starts with Mark Zuckerberg and his wanting you to see more posts from your friends rather than posts from the business pages you follow.

He also said that business pages MAY see a reduction in reach. Some have and some haven’t. Has it affected your page? (Please comment below.) If you’re a local brick-and-mortar location, read this article with tips on how one of my clients kept growing his Facebook likes and reach while others were stagnant or losing reach.

The Biggest Challenge is for those just starting out.

Face it. It’s going to be hard to build a following organically. If you’re a B2B business, concentrate on LinkedIn and Twitter. Still post on Facebook to help with SEO, but don’t expect miracles there unless you do paid ads. (If you struggle with how to put a strategy together, I can help you with that. Click here to schedule a free 15-minute call.)

If you’re trying to reach the consumer (B2C), then here are some tips:

  1. Post to Facebook 3-5 times a day. Alternate the types of posts between your blog articles offering news, tips and advice, a live video, a couple of articles from relevant or related sources (obviously not competitors), and 1 promotional post a day with a Call-to-Action link back to your website.
  2. Join groups. Facebook now allows pages to join groups — if the group is open to them.
  3. Post good quality content. Go for quality over quantity always.
  4. Have a “Like us on Facebook” button and/or widget on several pages of your website — especially your blog — to make it easy for people to Like your page. (This also applies to the other social networks.)
  5. Like and Comment on other people’s business pages as your page. Long comments carry more weight than short comments. Comments are more valuable than if someone just likes a post. (I can show you how to do this in a coaching session.)
  6. Invite all of your friends (personal) to like your page. Furthermore, be cognizant of those who will only like it because it’s you and have no interest or need for your products or services. They do, however, make good referral sources.
  7. If you have an email list, send them instructions on how to see your posts first. Take a screen shot of your page with the “Follow” drop-down showing where they select “See First”. Tell them if they don’t what to miss your content or special promotions to do this. (Feel free to use this graphic to make it easy.)
    Facebook See First
  8. Do Live Video. Yes, you can still prerecord a video and upload it to Facebook, however, FB considers those passive. Think about it. You just sit and watch it. With Facebook Live, your audience has the ability to interact with you. Have a strategy and do them on a regular schedule.

Here are some more Facebook Marketing tips:

  • Absolutely use Facebook if you’re a B2C business.
  • Have a strategic plan written out before you jump in.
  • Check your Insights at the end of each month to see what worked and what didn’t work and to see how your following is growing (or not). Has your reach steadily increased over time?
  • Download your posts stats from Insights and see which types of posts got the most engagement, then post more of those.
  • Respond to people who comment on your page. The more you do this, the more Facebook will like you and give you more visibility. People are more likely to buy from companies that respond on social media. And that applies to the other networks, too. Social media is about community and building relationships.
  • Realize that you own your email list. Facebook owns your FB audience.
  • Encourage your happy camper customers to give you a Recommendation on Facebook. No more reviews. FB wants to keep everything positive. Yay!
  • Don’t ask for likes, shares or comments on your post. If your content is good, and your audience likes it, hopefully they’ll like it enough to engage with it.
  • Check your notifications. If someone liked your post and they’re not a follower yet, Facebook will let you know and you can invite them to like your page. It’s a good chance they will.
  • Make sure your “Like on Facebook” button or icon and link is on your email signature and in ALL your promotional emails and newsletter.

Above all, know your audience. Your strategy should be based around who you’re trying to reach.

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The Challenges of Marketing on Facebook & How to Overcome Them – Updated!

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